Is Clementine over?

I really love the name [name]Clementine[/name] but wonder if it’s already become too popular? I prefer names that are a little under the radar or left field. Has the ship already sailed on this one?

It’s not too big in the outside world, just, perhaps, on Nameberry. There’s always [name]Clementina[/name]! (pronounced similar to [name]Valentina[/name])

It’s not even in the top 1000, and hasn’t been for a long time. Nameberry skews your perception on names and their popularity.

Agreed. If you’re truly worried about popularity, keep an eye on birth announcements. [name]Clementine[/name] is something like #1195. Still a long ways away from being in the top 1000. [name]Even[/name] names just inside the 1000 are unusual for most people. I mean, [name]Aya[/name], [name]Tess[/name], [name]Marlene[/name]? Those are all still under the radar (but in the 990’s).