Is Dashiell still considered unheard of? Is it usable?

I am not yet expecting a child but ever since I can remember I have known that if I had a son I would want to name him Dashiell. I would pair this with a very traditional middle name, and I would let him choose if he’d rather go by Dash or the full Dashiell at school. It is important to me however that I do not give my child a “mockable” name. Is this name so unusual/unheard of that it would be met with eye-rolls? I am hoping that by the time I do have a son, Dashiell will be more like Declan, a name that some/most people have heard of, but have only come across or heard of a couple people in their lives with the name. I am not usually a popularity stickler, I love a lot of the top 10 boys names, so I would actually love it if Dashiell would shoot up the popularity charts, just to make it more usable!

[name_f]Do[/name_f] you think it’s already usable/do you know any Dash’s or Dashiell’s? (I have personally met one but known people who know other Dashiell’s.) Or is Dashiell just too rare and out there to be considered a legitimate, respectable choice. I don’t want to choose a name that is considered “cringey” like Jaxton or McKinleigh, etc. Let me know your thoughts!

It feels very usable to me - even though it’s unusual, it’s not outlandish

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I think [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] is perfectly usable! It’s a lovely name. The character in The Incredibles (a [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] “Dash”) helps make it more familiar.

I remember watching a TV show where [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] was listed as an example of a high class, preppy name. I haven’t seen that association elsewhere but it reinforced my idea that the name isn’t unheard of.

Depending on where you live, the pronunciation might not be intuitive, but it would also be a quick correction.

Never met one irl, but there was a Netflix mini series, i think it was called [name_u]Dash[/name_u] & Lily?? Which made it wearable for me

I don’t think it’s an eyebrow-raising name!

I think [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] is the name of the oldest son of the family from The Incredibles, I’m not sure though. All I know is that [name_u]Dash[/name_u] is a nickname that everyone calls him. I don’t think its Mockable at all, I think it’s very cool! While it is unheard of, it does sound like a name. I really like it! If you are still worried about others reactions towards it, you could always use it as a middle name!

Yes, his name is [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] “Dash”! They mention it a few times in the movies!!

I personally think that makes the name familiar. I wouldn’t consider [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] unusual or unusable, and I definitely don’t see anything mockable about it. Seems very on trend!

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I adore the name [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m]! I know a [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] (who is now around 12), and I love his name. Totally suits him. His nickname is [name_u]Dash[/name_u]!

i would say dashiell is a relatively heard of name - of course sometimes your child might need to repeat it once or twice before someone understands, but i’d say for the most part it’s pretty well known - off the top of my head i can think of four/five dashiell’s, fictional, famous or irl.

I grew up with a [name_m]Dashiell[/name_m] (nn Dash). We’re in our 30s. I always loved his name and I don’t think anyone ever made fun of him for it. Definitely usable!