Is it easier to find male or female names that you like?

And when it comes to finding the perfect middle, do you find one gender is easier than the other?

In general, I think it’s easier to find male names I like, simply because there is so much more choice for girls. There are so many female names that I like and love, so its harder to choose favourites. Whereas with male names, I like simple classics, so there are many names I really like, but because of the smaller pool of choice, it’s easier to pick. My boys list is much shorter than my girls, so it will be easy to decide (I hope!) when the time comes. That being said, I love girls names way better than I love boys names, because there are so many more, I find it way more interesting.

I find it easier to find female combos that I like, but much more difficult for boys. But it is easier to find boys names that I like over girls, because I am very picky with both names, and there just doesn’t seem to be as many options for boys. It’s definitely a tough call, though. Some days it’s easier for boys names, and others it’s easier for girls. But, shockingly enough (to myself), I’ve stayed pretty solid with my favorites lately.

I think it is easier to find boys names that I like and that stay favourites but I do find girls names all the time that start as favourites and then drift down to the bottom of my list and that rarely happens for boys names, my favourite boys have pretty much stayed the same for quite a few months whereas my favourite girls names change weekly.