Is it me, or are twins unusally common around here??

I swear, half of the posts in the last page are about twin names!

I’ve also thought about that, but I have a theory that people have more need for help naming two children than they do one… It makes sense that there would be more people asking for help naming twins on the boards…
I know I would be more stressed out and looking for second opinions if I were having twins!!!
there are more things to consider when naming twins, and I think people are generally more unsure when naming two babies at once…

I know, I was looking through the latest topics and every second one is about twins! I agree with Dearest - it is most probably that more people who are having twins panic regarding names, and do an internet search for baby names … bringing them here.

Yeah, that totally makes sense. I know I’d be freaking out if I had to name two babies!

Actually, I’m about to have to … and it’s a little more complicated, as we are adopting, and they are already fifteen months and three and a half!

We are re-naming them, though, and have been told by social services that we are allowed to do so; neither of them have middle names, and the girl was named simply [name]Baby[/name] by her biological mother. The social workers named the little boy when he was brought into care - Jontee. It is so different in style from our [name]Raphael[/name]'s name, that we simply have to change it.

I agree with the above posts, I think it is more stressful naming twins and you’d need help and the opinions of others.
I wish this site had been around when I had mine :]

My son and daughter-in-law are having twins and I was thinking the same thing while on this site earlier today. But I agree that you need more help when deciding on twin’s names. Congratulations to the poster adopting children through social services. Best of luck finding great names that mesh well with your son’s name!!!

I have also thought the same thing. I started thinking that maybe twins were more common than I thought. Since we are TTC and twins are in my family, I was getting nervous. Dearests theory makes total sense so I’m going with that.

I was thinking the same thing, its like twin central around her lately :stuck_out_tongue: hope its not catching :stuck_out_tongue:

I would have an easier time naming twins because then I could use two first names and two middle names that I love instead of just one of each.

I did notice that. But I know that I had enough trouble coming up with a full name for each gender, if I had to find 2 names that sounded good with the last name and sound good together. Also if you didn’t find out the gender then that’s 4 full names!

Twinkle, I’m so excited for you! :slight_smile:

Take care!

I was thinking that the other day also :slight_smile:
I actually came here when I found out I was expecting triplets as, although naming my three elder daughters individually was relatively easy for me, the thought of three names at once was just too much to think about on my own! :slight_smile:


haha iw as just thinking that yesterday! lol i was like “wow almoth everyday there is a new post for new sets of twins” haha i think someone else said it just harder to name 2 babies. because most poeple want similar names and want opionons from unbiast people (such as friends and family)