Is it ok to have your two main characters start with the same letter??

I have been working on my book which is based on a fallen civilization overuled with demons. The two mian characters names are [name]April[/name] and [name]Austin[/name]. Is it bad if they begin with the same letter? [name]Austin[/name] is a hunter who is very competitive and falls deeply in love with the other main character, [name]April[/name]. :)I am not too sure about the name [name]Austin[/name], any suggestions? :smiley:

I think in this case it’s fine, because [name]April[/name] and [name]Austin[/name] start with different sounds. It would be more concerning if their names were, for instance, [name]April[/name] and [name]Aaron[/name], which both have the long ‘A’ sound at the beginning.

Agree with akky. Since both names use different sounds of the letter “A”, it works out just fine. If you give them nicknames to be used by any other characters, just be careful to make those distinctly different or it will be very confusing.

Ok thanks for the help. And I will try to find a cute, short nickname for one of them.

Seeing how you’re not quite sure on the name [name]Austin[/name], you could always rethink it. But I don’t think it matters at all. In real life, if an [name]Austin[/name] liked an [name]April[/name], he wouldn’t worry that they had the same inital. And it’s not to a point where anyone would get confused in your story, so I wouldn’t worry.

If it’s going to bother you, I’d say change it. If you like both names, keep them. As others have pointed out, the sounds are different enough that it doesn’t really matter. I actually think they’re rather cute together. If you’re not too sure about [name]Austin[/name], though, taking a look at some other names won’t hurt. You’ll either find one you love way more, or decide that [name]Austin[/name] really is the best choice for him. Ultimately, it’s up to you entirely.