Is it weird to name babies after animals?

Last week, my cousin had a baby. A couple of weeks before, her horse [name]William[/name] died. She called her kid Firstname [name]William[/name] after her horse. I’ve also been thinking about using [name]Zoe[/name] as mn for a daughter, after my cat [name]Zoe[/name], who was my best friend for pretty much my whole life and recently died too :(. What do you guys think? Is this weird, or OK (well, if the animal has a “human” name - I pity any kids out there called Fido or Makybe [name]Diva[/name])?

I dont think so…If your pet was really close to you and you loved it alot I understand!


No, I think it’s perfectly fine! As long as the pet is no longer around. I knew a guy who had both a dog, and a daughter named [name]Sarah[/name] at the same time. Besides being a bit odd, it caused a lot of confusion in coversation.

I plan on naming my future daughter after my beloved pet, [name]Hannah[/name] [name]Renee[/name], as well.

In the TV series [name]Frasier[/name], both [name]Frasier[/name] and his brother [name]Niles[/name] were named after their mother’s laboratory rats.

Your question just now reminded me of that.

– [name]Nephele[/name]

It may not of been his fault. I have a sister named [name]Rose[/name] and once my family had a goat named [name]Rose[/name]. We didn’t name the goat that, she came with the name. She was named after the [name]Rose[/name] Bowl Parade, because she was born in [name]January[/name].

I think that it’s time for people to stop giving people names to animals. [name]William[/name] and [name]Sarah[/name] and [name]Rose[/name] are people names. I don’t think it’s weird to name a child the same name or in honor of a pet, except I once had a neighbor whose kid was [name]Richard[/name] [name]Jr[/name]., but then after their dog died, they started calling this poor toddler [name]Buddy[/name] - which had been what they called the dog.

I see a lot of cuckoo names on this site that seem more suited to a dog or a bird, it’s when you mix them up, [name]Kate[/name] and [name]Max[/name] don’t seem appropriate for a little baby anymore (too pet-like and probably seem extra-overused due to that), or you feel funny when you introduce your little [name]Sadie[/name] and someone says, oh cool, that’s my cat’s name. I guess that’s the trend I find a little uncomfortable - nobody’s going to make fun of your dog at school so the freedom is there to go all out and break those rules.


I’m so glad you asked this question:

I’ve always LOVED the name [name]Moxie[/name] but assumed my husband would never allow us to name our child [name]Moxie[/name]. So when I got a kitten last [name]August[/name] I named her [name]Moxie[/name]. I got pregnant in [name]December[/name].

[name]Moxie[/name] sadly died at the end of [name]April[/name]. When I told my husband that not only was I sad that [name]Moxie[/name] died, but also that such a fantastic name got so little use, he said he wouldn’t mind a kid named [name]Moxie[/name].

SO. I figured I could never name our kid [name]Moxie[/name] since everyone would think it really weird that we named our kid after our cat.

BUT I am so glad to hear people (generally) think it’s OK. It’s not like we’re naming her AFTER the cat, just that the cat had a great name we want to use again…

Of course, you may think this is all a moot point if you hate the name [name]Moxie[/name]!!..and our last name is [name]Kelly[/name] so that really doesn’t work well anyway…

I think its fine, as long as it is a person name that the animal has.