Is it worth buying a baby name book or just use the Internet?

I bought one book over a year ago (the baby name wizard), but I went through it again and am still struggling. I find the Internet shows me the same names, I like the categories on but I feel like I’ve seen them all. Is it worth buying a new book? If so, which one would you recommend? I like strong names mixture of classic and some trendy, nothing too out there.


I didn’t buy any books, the internet is full of far more diverse names and opinions on those names, as well as general information on them. They’re free, too. Most of the books are a waste of time imo. I’ve never found a book that interested me more than a database.

I own plenty of baby name books, but I kind of collect them. For most people, I think online sources will suffice, particularly nameberry,, and behindthename.

I have 3 name books and I do still use them from time to time but I find the internet much faster, easier to find names and the information you are looking for and even pronunciations and other spellings of a name. I do like the books but they only have so much information. The internet has lots more to give you.

I also agree with goodhope- behindthename is also a good website :slight_smile:

If I could recommend one book to you to supplement the internet (and yes, is a great resource!) it would be “The Greatest [name]Baby[/name] Name Book [name]Ever[/name].” I think that that one is really the best I’ve seen (and I’ve got quite a collection) for having a high quality variety of names with accurate meanings. I think that it is a different experience to flip through a book than it is to search through lists online. [name]Both[/name] are fun and helpful, they’re just two different ways of searching for the right name, and I would recommend you try both. Good luck!

I actually prefer the book because then you can go through with a highlighter and highlight names you like. I feel like there’s no easy way to do that on the internet. Sure I could make a list… but what if I lose that list… I’m a little old school like that though. Plus carrying around a book is lot lighter than a computer…