Is Llewellyn’s complete book of names a good book?

I am thinking of maybe buying this book, but before I do I was wondering if anyone else has it, and thinks it is a useful book and worth the money.

Yes, it’s brilliant! It’s a very quirky selection of names, but the research is sound and the notes on usage and origin are really interesting.

You’re sure to discover some brand new names but you’ll probably also find lots I of favourites represented. It’s not an exhaustive compendium of names but it doesn’t try or pretend to be — there’s a pagan/Wiccan slant to it so lots of obscure nature and mythological names.


I think it’s a great book. It has names and information that I’ve never seen in other books or websites. It definitely does have a [name_m]Pagan[/name_m] slant as @katinka mentioned - which will be a plus for some people, and a minus for others.

I would suggest reading the preview on Amazon to get a feel for the book before buying.


Thanks for all the info Those are exactly the types of names I like so I think it would be good then.

How do I do that?

Haha same, that’s why I am wondering if it’s worth the money because it’s not cheap.

On the Amazon UK [name_f]Kindle[/name_f] page for the book, there is an option to download a free sample.