Is Maya too popular?

I really love the name [name_f]Maya[/name_f]/[name_f]Maja[/name_f].

If I had a daughter named [name_f]Maya[/name_f], I’d most likely nickname her [name_f]Masha[/name_f].

Is [name_f]Maya[/name_f] too popular nowadays? I don’t know if it still has that wow factor that I love with most of my other names.

And if I wanted to honor a [name_f]Maya[/name_f], does anyone have any suggestions for names?

I suppose my question to you is “what is too popular?” I know several Mayas and have known several with wide ranging ages throughout my life. I do not think your [name_f]Maya[/name_f] will be the 2nd or even 3rd in the class, but between [name_f]Maya[/name_f] as a full name and [name_f]Maya[/name_f] as a nick name, I’m certain she will meet several. For that reason it’s too popular to me.

One last thing - you stated that you love the name. Are you really willing to pass it over just for a less popular name?

I have only ever heard of one. I wouldn’t consider it popular at all. It’s a beautiful name.

I think [name_f]Mia[/name_f] is more popular than [name_f]Maya[/name_f] right now… The only [name_f]Maya[/name_f] I know is in her 20s- not any on little girls

Between the spelling [name_f]Maya[/name_f] and [name_f]Mya[/name_f], I have met 5 girls with the name over the last few years. In one preschool class where I worked, there were two little girls named [name_f]Mya[/name_f]. I think the name is beautiful too, but it depends on where you live.

While it is a familiar name, I wouldn’t say it’s too popular. If anything, I would say it’s classic, it has the type of sound that is always fresh and pretty. I would liken it to [name_f]Elena[/name_f].