Is my name horrific.

My names is [name]Racheli[/name] [name]Esther[/name] Alufa Mandelker. [name]Racheli[/name]: my little lamb. [name]Esther[/name]: star. Alufa: leader.

I am Jewish. There is a Jewish custom to be named after deceased family members. [name]Esther[/name] honours my great-grandmother. [name]Racheli[/name] honours my other great-grandmother.
[name]Alef[/name] is the first letter in the hebrew alphabet. Aswell, in numerology, Alufa=19. I was born on the 19th of [name]July[/name].

Everyone mispronounces my name. Raheli, [name]Ra[/name]-chelli, Rashmelly. Some just call me [name]Bob[/name]. The CH in my name is pronounced the way you would properly say chanukkah (youtube the word to hear the CH).

I went to a hebrew day school. At school, my name was never a problem, everyone was accustomed to the CH sound. However throughout high school, university, and my career life, it’s been a struggle for most. I’m known as Chelly. Chell-lee.

Is my name pleasantly unique or just plain ugly?

Well, I personally wouldn’t want to be named it, because of all the hassle of misspellings and mispronunciations, but it’s definitely not a bad name! I like it, actually. Much better than the overused [name]Rachel[/name]. Plus it reflects your heritage and family background! I had a friend from [name]Israel[/name] whose sister was named [name]Michal[/name]-- I’m assuming it’s the same kind of CH sound. I could never pronounce it right.

What I call horrific are names like Riyliegh or Makynzie, made-up and misspelled names without a history. Your name is perfectly legitimate and unique, and I think it’s really nice.

I like [name]Racheli[/name], its sweet and rather pretty. You also have the option to go purely by [name]Rachel[/name], which I adore! [name]Lucky[/name] thing! I utterly DESPISE my own name, I wouldn’t be complaining if it were half as pretty as yours.

I have never heard the name [name]Racheli[/name] . If I read it I would presume that it was a spelling mistake and they meant [name]Rachel[/name]. Doesn’t anyone call you [name]Rachel[/name] or [name]Shelley[/name]?

Overall you have a name full of meaning and love because your parents put a lot of thought into the full name.

I’m sorry I have been looking everywhere and cannot find the correct pronunciation of [name]Racheli[/name]. Would you mind telling me? By the way, I think your name is very beautiful, so much nicer than all the Emmaleighs and Ahlyviahs you see today!

The little girl says her name in it haha. Thanks for all your sweet comments.