Is one of these Ms not like the others?

See the results of this poll: Which M(s) do you prefer?

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  • Moira : 11 (41%)
  • Meara : 11 (41%)
  • Miren: 5 (19%)

I like [name_f]Meara[/name_f] the best! I like all the pronunciations I can imagine for it: mair-uh, may-ar-uh, and meer-uh. I would assume it to be mair-uh, which I think is really lovely.

Thanks @silversky109! I was planning on pronouncing [name_f]Meara[/name_f] as meer-uh, and in fact often mis-type it [name_f]Meera[/name_f] instead! [name_f]Meara[/name_f] is the Irish spelling. [name_f]Meera[/name_f] is the Sanskrit spelling. [name_f]Mira[/name_f] is another common spelling but for some reason that spelling completely turns me off.