Is Signy too confusing with Sydney?

[name]Signe[/name] is an old family name. I way way prefer the [name]Signy[/name] spelling. We were actually going to name our last daughter [name]Signy[/name], but then worried it was too confusing. Plus, it got completely ripped in to by my sister and my nieces.

My dh and I both still like the name. We think we would use it for the next baby and just keep it a secret until she is born and named that. But our only remaining concern is that she will constantly be having to correct people and say her name is [name]Signy[/name], not [name]Sydney[/name].

What do you think?

I love the name [name]Signe[/name]/[name]Signy[/name], and have wondered about this exact same thing. I do think it sounds a lot like [name]Sydney[/name], and that will come up especially when she first meets people. However I do think that as people know her they’ll get it.

I think with [name]Signy[/name], some people are going to read it as Sign - ee (i.e. sine - ee) sometimes. Although with [name]Signe[/name] you’d probably get something similar too sometimes.

Good luck as you consider!!! Middle name option, maybe? I do like it in first too though.

I [name]LOVE[/name] [name]Signe[/name]/[name]Signy[/name], it’s on my list of possible middles (only because I don’t keep repeating letters on my first name list an [name]Scarlett[/name] is my number one contender). I don’t think it would be confused with [name]Sydney[/name], but I like that they sound kind of similar. I always wanted to like [name]Sydney[/name], but couldn’t. [name]Signe[/name] was my answer.

I would DEFINITELY use it. Mispronunciations, etc. usually stop as a child gets older in general. I know that kind of doesn’t make sense since you meet new people all the time, but my name is rarely mispronounced outside of schools. My name is getting popular now, but wasn’t when I was younger. And, in all reality, people will complain about your names (regardless of how awesome they are) until the baby is there. Then they’ll absolutely love it. I was call it “the grandma syndrome”, haha. That’s happened with every grand baby I’ve ever met. The grandma hated the name until it was actually being used, then it was perfect. Your family would probably (hopefully) be the same way.

  • [name]Kylee[/name]

I’m definitely not a fan of [name]Signy[/name], and I do think it’s awfully close to [name]Sydney[/name]. She’ll likely have to correct a fair few people on it.

If you’re set on it, then keeping it to yourself until she’s born is a good way to go. Save you from your sister and nieces opinions again.

We have friends who just named their daughter [name]Signe[/name]. I love the name, but I do know that people often hear it as “[name]Sydney[/name]” when you first say it to them. I think just about every name has some kind of an “issue”, though, so I wouldn’t let that hold me back.

I love [name]Signe[/name]/[name]Signy[/name], but I think it’s bound to be confused with [name]Sydney[/name]. People will learn to say [name]Sig[/name]-nee eventually, so I wouldn’t toss the name. I think that you should deffinetly save it for another baby, and keep the name to yourself so your sister and nieces don’t get a chance to rain on your parade.

  • [name]Athena[/name]

i have never heard the name signy so would expect it to be confused with sidney bc people will likely be more familiar with that name and they sound similar. that said, if you love it, don’t let that stop you. i have always had to spell my name - and it is a known name, just not that common so i just automatically spell it rather than wait for the 75% of people that will ask me to spell it and that never bothered me. also even though i have no idea why, 50% of people say my name wrong on first meeting me and that also has never bothered me, it is just part of having the name

[name]Signy[/name] is an outstanding name. [name]Don[/name]'t bother about people mishearing her name…just correct them. They just haven’t had much exposure to the name so they think you are saying [name]Sydney[/name]. It is a beautiful name from the Scandinavian culture. [name]Just[/name] because it is a bit foreign to American ears doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.