Is there any way for the spam filter to (not) do this?

There was a member who recently posted the same thread several times, apparently in desperation because it kept being blocked by the spam filter. My standard practice as a moderator (let me know if I’m doing it wrong) is to keep one (usually the most recent one, or one with a poll if it exists) of the multiple threads up and “soft delete” the other duplicates.

What I’m wondering though is if there’s a way that the spam filter could be programmed not to block posts from those who have a significant amount of previous activity (said member here had over a thousand previous posts) and no (recent) previous issues with inappropriate post content? This would help a lot of incidents like these where someone is genuinely looking for advice and the spam filter leaves them with a hard time of getting through. (I don’t mind the spam filter catching posts from new or relatively new members, since the concern should be “members” who register new accounts to post spam.)

I’m 100 % behind this. I see so many accounts around here that have <5 posts and all contain links to dubious non-english diet-sites or something (and are otherwise direct copies of previous posts). Considering the number of posts by an account would be a good addition to the spam filter.