Is this a terrible combo?

We are expecting a baby girl and I am in love with the name [name]Holly[/name]; DH really likes it also. I am worried that it might not go well with our last name, which is Lauder (pronounced the same as in [name]Estee[/name] Lauder). I know it’s not the best flow, but is it terrible? I have no other names I like as much right now. Middle name would be [name]Nicolette[/name] which I think works well for the full name.


I think [name]Holly[/name] goes fine with your last name.

[name]Holly[/name] Lauder sounds fine. I’ve heard much worse.

It IS a bit L heavy, but I don’t think that should keep you from using it (:

[name]Holly[/name] Lauder sounds fine!

I know a [name]Laura[/name] Lauder, and I think [name]Holly[/name] Lauder flows a lot better!!


Agree with everyone else that it sounds fine. [name]Holly[/name] is a lovely name!

Definitely fine!

PS, I actually knew a [name]Holly[/name] with a very similar last name (will keep her name private, but a [name]Holly[/name] L*d**), and I always liked her name!

[name]Holly[/name] [name]Nicolette[/name] Lauder is really fine. pretty.

[name]Holly[/name] Lauder is fine, although a bit L-heavy. [name]Holly[/name] [name]Nicolette[/name] Lauder kind of takes it over the top with the L’s. It’s still doable though. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I agree with everyone else – slightly L heavy, but not enough so that you shouldn’t use it.

It’s absolutely fine! [name]Holly[/name] is lovely to see!

I think it sounds pretty, but kids might make a connection like ‘holler louder’, but if no one else has that thought then maybe I am reading too much into it. I’m just putting it out there so you see every angle. [name]Don[/name]'t let just one opinion sway you from a favorite name, I just personally like to be as informed as possible and would want someone to tell me

It doesn’t have the best flow but it certainly isn’t horrible. I’d use it.

I actually had thought of that too - mainly because people think our last name is pronounced “Louder” for some reason, until I tell them it’s as in “[name]Estee[/name] Lauder.” Hopefully that’s the worst they’ll think of though!

Thanks for the replies everyone, glad to know it’s not unusable! Also glad that [name]Nicolette[/name] fits well; we are using that after my cousin who passed away when we were kids, so that one means a lot to me. Thanks again!