Is this an okay name for a B&B?

So I have a family of three in one of my stories, the parents are part of the main six characters, and they run a bed and breakfast in the countryside, which is both their home and the occasional emergency headquarters for their little team. The dads are named Quinco and Fidelio (Quinn and Fiddel) and their son is named Reuben.


Why they named their child such an Our-World name when their names are so Un-Our-World:
They adopted him from this world even though they’re both from the other world that the story mostly takes place in and the other world is very dangerous at the moment so they wanted to keep him very close to this world to try to keep him safe, hence the name and the B&B in this world. They’ve recently decided that they can’t protect him from the dangers in the other world forever and are teaching him a bit about what’s going on there, but they still spend most of their time in this world.

The parents are both in their early twenties and Reuben is about 2 or 3, so they’re quite a young family and I feel like they would name their B&B something like this, if they didn’t have the problem I’ll mention in a second. Okay so the name I came up with is (drumroll please) “Fiddel and Quinn’s Country Inn” [laughs hysterically] sorry I find the name really funny for some reason and I really like it. But the thing is that it’s not really a very country B&B name, and they’d want it to fit in with this world as much as possible. But the name rhymes. So I’m kind of torn on this. Is it a good name? (I’m gonna try and add a poll because I’ve never used one before and it’s a lot easier to tap your answer than type it out so people might be more likely to vote than on a regular question.)

  • Yes, this is amazing, I love it
  • What are you even thinking, this is terrible
  • Maybe change ‘country’ to ‘little’ or something
  • I really don’t care about your story, I just wanted to vote
  • This is good but it doesn’t work with the ‘trying to fit in with this world’ thing
  • I have another idea not covered here

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