Is this name completely dumb?!?!

Okay, so I was watching an episode of Twilight Zone, and they had a little girl named Sport, and then another show came on with a little boy named Jansport. At first I was in awe that I heard ‘sport’ names twice in one day, and I though they were [name]BOTH[/name] such dumb names. BUT they grew on me ESPECIALLY Jansport! Are these completely DUMB names??
Haha thanks!

Well they are not dumb names but Jansport is a backpack brand. Also you have to consider the fact that the girl might be a girly-girl and what girly-girl wants to be named Sport. You just have to remember that the kid is not going to be a kid forever so you need to think about what it will sound like for a 30 year old woman to have the name Sport.

To be completely honest, yes, I think Sport and Jansport are completely “dumb” (to use your word). You may as well name your baby Recreation, Activity, or Adidas. :frowning:

Ya i knew about the backpack brand thing, so is that what people immediately think of when they hear Jansport?

One word: Backpack

maybe you like the feeling or sound of the name? why not the name scout? i know someone named speed (not speed racer). i loved that name when i first heard it as silly as it may seem. look around for potential alternatives and ask why the name “jan/sport” appeals to you. maybe you will find yourself a winning name.

I think they are a little silly.

When you said Jansport, I knew it was familiar, needed the little jog that it was the backpack in particular.

I think “sport” is a nickname, doesn’t Dr. [name]Kelso[/name] on Scrubs call all the male interns “Sport” and all the female interns “Sweetheart”? It’s not dignified.

If Jansport weren’t a backpack, I could see it, but more like [name]Jans[/name]-port, not [name]Jan[/name]-sport. I think another short word or name combined with -port in the same vein would be ok. It might not have an s to make the word -sport or it doesn’t have to. I am drawing a blank on whatever might be a dignified option to [name]Jans[/name]-. Rockport is a shoe. Billport sounds kind of stupid. The closest I can come without spending a lot of time over it is Beaufort. It’s not a name (maybe it’s some people’s names), what it is is “an empirical measure for describing wind speed based mainly on observed sea conditions.”
It’s also a place in South [name]Carolina[/name] that looks like it might be nice for a vacation.

Neither association is as common as a backpack or a generic physical activity.

[name]Scout[/name] is cute. I have a Jansport backpack so that is what I think of when I see the name Jansport. Sport would be a great name for a pet. I would especially love it for a bird or a fish. Or it would be a great nn for an athletic child to use at times, like after they just made a great play in a game.

I think Sport is a very cute nickname, but I wouldn’t put it on the birth certificate.