Is this nice for a boy?

We like the name:



Hmmm…I think I like it. It’s unusual, has a decent nickname ([name]Val[/name]), and the fact that it ends in -o, which is very popular for boy names these days, makes it more accessible. The only con I see is the obvious [name]Valentine[/name] connection, which could lead to an “International Playboy” sort of expectation, if that makes sense. It might be a lot to live up to, but that’s not always a bad thing!

I absolutely like [name]Valentino[/name]! I don’t think the [name]Valentine[/name] association is a negative.

As someone thinking [name]Valentine[/name] for a boy (to honor her Pop), I think [name]Valentino[/name] is awesome! :smiley:

[name]Val[/name] is fantastic in a guy, dated on a girl but fantastic on a guy. And if he doesn’t like [name]Val[/name], he’s always got [name]Tino[/name] as an alternative! [name]Valentino[/name] gets a huge :thumbsup: from me.

A little too feminine sounding for me, but it might fly better in a more diverse area.

I love it. It’s a beautifully complete name, with the possibility of several accessible nicknames. The o in the end makes it distinctively masculine. I think it’s absolutely adorable on a little boy, and I can very well picture a tall intelligent man named [name]Valentino[/name]. I really love it.

When we do have a baby and if it’s a boy, we’re going to use [name]Valentino[/name].

I’m leaning towards [name]Akira[/name] as a middle name. It means ‘bright’ in Japanese.
or we might use [name]Ken[/name] as a middle name. It means ‘strong’ in Japanese.

[name]Valentino[/name] [name]Akira[/name] or [name]Valentino[/name] [name]Ken[/name]?