is this terrible?!

After watching the series on the history channel about the Hatfield/[name]McCoy[/name] feud, I began to love a name that I am pretty sure I would think is awful if I had not first heard it in the context of the show. The name is Johnse- Like Johns-E.
The character is the gorgeous [name]McCoy[/name] boy that fell in love with a Hattfield girl.

Is the name terrible and I am just blinded by the beauty of the actor that played Johnse?! Help me out here, lol!

In real life, Johnse was short for [name]Johnson[/name]. I think Johnse would have to be a nickname - otherwise no one would know how to pronounce it or spell it. I think [name]Johnson[/name] would be a fine first name, if not for it also being a nickname for something else …

I actually think Johnse is really handsome! Sounds like a foreign exchange student from Denmark or soemthing (I’m completely ignorant of the Danish language - only a feeling, I’m sorry!)

He’ll always get john-see

Well I don’t really mind the pronunciation of “[name]John[/name]-see” I would say it more like johns-E, but when you say it quickly like in real life they both sound about the same to me.

It definitely works as a nickname.

I like to hear everyone’s opinions! If it sounds absurd let me know, if you think it’s edgy and cool let me know, if you think it’s a good nickname I want to know that too. For those that like it as a nickname what could it be short for besides [name]Johnson[/name] which has huge potential to be made fun of- especially since my last name is white

Umm… how does [name]Johnson[/name] have huge potential to be made fun of?

[name]Jonathan[/name] was my first thought.

The potential I was thinking is the same as the poster above pointed out :slight_smile: the whole reason johnse has an appeal to me is how it took a plain name and gave it an unusual twist… [name]Jonathan[/name] is too plain for my taste

I watched the series too and really liked Johnse and became intrigued by the name as well :slight_smile: I think we have similar tastes!

I think it could work with any of the following as a full name:
[name]Jonty[/name] (also feels like a nn to me)

Sheesh, who comes up with these slang terms? It seems like every name has a sexual undertone now…

What about a fn, mn combo? Like, [name]John[/name] [name]Silas[/name] or something

I think it sounds very hillbilly-ish [name]IMO[/name]. I do adore [name]Johnny[/name], however, as a nn! I can understand because that actor was adorable… his real name is [name]Matt[/name] [name]Barr[/name]. [name]Matthew[/name] would be nice :slight_smile: Good luck!

Okay so I tried to lay this name to rest and was successful for a while. But every time it pops back up I just love it. The point may be moot since I have slim to no chance of my husband buying into it- but… Does anyone like it? And which is your fav pronunciation: [name]John[/name]-see or johns-E

I like it! I just had no idea how to pronounce it until you spelled it out

I like it, and Johns-e is my fave.

I like it as a nickname. I think as a full name he would get a lot of people wondering what his full name is. [name]John[/name]-see roles off my tongue easier, but I like Johns-e a bit more. It’s certainly intriguing story behind it.