Is this to difficult to pronounce?

I heard this name, and when i looked up the spelling, i was very surprised! I think it would be confusing to others, but is to confusing to be used? The name is Lhuillier. It is pronounced like- loo-lee-aye. WDYT? Is it forever a middle name?

Well, loo-lee-aye isn’t hard to say at all, but the name was so confusing on first glance that without a pronunciation guide I might have just made a slurring sound! I suppose it depends on how much it would bother you to have to correct people, and how much you think it would bother your child. I’ll say that most people you meet hear your name before they see it, though, so it won’t be a problem quite a bit of the time.


Fir french people I think it would be easier, as I live in a mostly french town, and have heard this name and easily could pronounce it. Other than that, I think you may have a hard time.

It might be a little difficult for some people to say it if they were to just see it on paper first without hearing it. I wasn’t too far off though, I pronounced it Loo-ee-lee-ay at first but it’s not difficult to say once you hear the correct pronunciation. Idk if it’s the repeating letters that makes it look confusing. Lulier could maybe be an alternate spelling if you’re ok with modifying it.

I got it because of the wedding gown designer- [name]Monique[/name] Lhullier

before I knew the correct prn. I said [name]Lee[/name]-hoo-lee-ay, which isn’t too obscure.

I think it’s pretty and has a similar style to- Ottlilie and Elulie

I think it would be a difficult first name to carry in the US. As others have mentioned, it may be easier for French or other languages, but in the US, most people are not going to know what to do with it :slight_smile: Sorry! As one poster did say, most people do hear a name before they see it spelled, so that does help the situation.
I did find it a bit difficult (not quite the right word- maybe awkward?) to say even with your description of the proper way to say it.

Are you sure it’s pronounced that way? Because if it’s French, I would pronounce it closer to ‘lhwee-YAY’. Maybe I’m wrong… In either case, I think it would be unpronounceable in any English speaking place and doesn’t look a bit like a name.

[quote=“spotlightstarlit”]I got it because of the wedding gown designer- [name]Monique[/name] Lhullier

Me too. I would know how to pronounce it, but I would always think of those cheesy magazine ads with the sad-looking bride laying on a horse, or something. Sorry.