Is this Unisex name too masculine?

Not to sound like a geek or anything but after watchinhg the movie series of Alien, I began to like the name [name]Ripley[/name] for a girl. It portrays the image of a strong, smart, and independant woman. [name]Don[/name]'t get me wrong I absolutely love sweet girl names, but I wasn’t sure if maybe [name]Ripley[/name] was too masculine. What do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Personally, I would go with a sweet girl name instead.

I think [name]Ripley[/name] is masculine, and sounds too much like a surname.

I think I would like it as a middle name, but as I first name I do find it a little too masculine. (I’m not a huge fan of unisex names though.)

it reminds me of…

[name]Ripley[/name]'s Believe it or Not…

I definitley think if someone wanted to use it as a first name, it would be more appropriate for a boy. It sounds very dark and violent to me… [name]Rip[/name]… Ripping…[name]Ripley[/name]… for any child, but especially a little girl.

I think it’s too masculine for a girl.

I personally really like masculine names for girls, so I really like [name]Ripley[/name]. Although I agree it doesn’t sound sweet, it is definitely an awesome and noticeable name

I find it too masculine. Also, my first thought was of [name]Ripley[/name]'s Believe It or Not

I know everyone seems to prefer more girly names for girls but I was quite the tomboy as a kid so I have always loved boyis names on girls and I would have loved [name]Ripley[/name].

It feels sort of like a big name to live up to in some ways. You’d have to have character and a certain amount of attitude to caryy it off but if you could? Oh it would be wonderful.

Maybe pairing it with a more feminine MN or a hyphenated name like [name]Ripley[/name]-[name]Jane[/name] or [name]Ripley[/name]-[name]Cait[/name] would help. Or maybe a softer nn like Li-Li/[name]Lee[/name] would give another option incase she wasn’t a tomboy or had the attitude to pull it off.

ripley would be a good middle name. how bout riley? that’s similar and a bit softer.

good luck!

It immediately reminded me of [name]Ripley[/name]'s Believe it or Not as well.

Unisex names in compounds? [name]Don[/name]'t usually see that. And try saying “[name]Ripley[/name]-[name]Cait[/name]” out loud… “replicate”.

I used to favor vowel-heavy, ultra-feminine names: [name]Amelia[/name], [name]Valerie[/name], etc. Still like those, but I’ve really discovered a love for the unisex last name first name - so many are interesting, at the same time serious and somehow fun. But many are overused. [name]Ripley[/name] isn’t. Incidentally, just a day or two ago, there was a thread where someone brought up [name]Ridley[/name] for a girl. That hasn’t caught on yet, either. With the continuous mining of the enormous supply of last names, people will get to these soon. AN/EN/IN/ON-ending last names are the most likely to make the change. There aren’t as many EY-ending names, but those make obvious girls’ names.

I love the idea of [name]Ripley[/name]. I don’t think it’s too odd; in fact, there’s a possibility of it becoming one of the next hits. Go ahead. [name]Riley[/name]'s overdone.

Thumbs down. Sorry. With the [name]Ripley[/name]'s Believe It or Not connotation and the fact that it makes me think of [name]Rip[/name] [name]Van[/name] Winkle, I just don’t see that as a good name for a girl or a boy. It has a harsh, violent feel to it.