Is this usable?

I think I have posted about this before, but is [name]Clifford[/name] usable? It is a family name and I think it would be handsome, especially with NN [name]Cliff[/name]! So WDYT? Too much big red dog? Or vintage and charming? I would prefer to use it as a FN but it could be possible as an MN as well.

I do think of the dog, but I still think it’s a usable name!

Oh, yes, it’s usable! I vote that it’s vintage and charming, even if he might get a little ribbing about the big, red dog. In fact, one of my best friends named her son [name]Cole[/name] [name]Clifford[/name], which was lovely, but I kept secretly hoping she’d switch the names around since [name]Clifford[/name] is much more rare yet totally in keeping with the vintage chic trend that’s so on right now.

In short, it’s usable.

I think [name]Clifford[/name] is completely usable, and would love to meet a little boy named [name]Clifford[/name].

[name]Clifford[/name]… I guess it’s just as usable as names like [name]Casper[/name]!

Gonna have to disagree and say it’s too much Big [name]Red[/name] Dog for me :frowning:

Vintage charm! I really like [name]Cliff[/name].

Yes! I love it! Especially [name]Cliff[/name].

Personally, I think there can be some sort of an association for every name. Sure, “[name]Clifford[/name]” may remind some of the big red dog, and to others it may remind them of “[name]Cliff[/name] Huxtable” from the Cosby Show. But, once people meet your little [name]Cliff[/name]/[name]Clifford[/name] that will take the place of any other association. It’s one reason why I refuse to tell anyone [name]IRL[/name] the names that we like, because I want their first “real” association to be when they meet the little one! If you like [name]Clifford[/name], then go for it!

I agree with the others to go with it if you like it! The dog isn’t a BAD association, at least. (I will admit that when I hear “[name]Cliff[/name]” I think of Cheers!)