Is this weird?

I’ve always preferred girls names to boys names. Never been a fan of making boy characters or naming them. Boys names just don’t enchant me as much and boys in general are boring to write and create. They all seem similar and a lot of the boys names I tolerate i either prefer on girls or think a son/male character would shrug off. I also think there’s more variety in girls names. Does anyone else agree with me? If you disagree, why? And most importantly, is there some psychological reasoning behind this?


It might be more of a sociological question than a physiological one! In that the way names have been used over time, how we use names, how they have been traditionally been given to men and women, more than what is happening in your own brain. In fact, look at how many more posts on the Nameberry forums appear under the “girl names” category than the “boy names” category. Judging by that alone you can know that you’re not the only one who feels this way!

I never knew what the word sociological meant until I read this, it does make a lot of sense and it’s fascinating. I know there are people out there who prefer naming boys (for whatever reason lol) and growing up boys typically had less variety in their names

Yes, i find this too - there are so few boys names I actually love and often, as soon as I do start liking one, i begin thinking maybe this would actually make a really cool girls name :grin: I don’t think your alone in this at all


See, I feel like I have the opposite problem but my name loving sister and other name lovers I know fall into your category. They have more girls names. Very normal I feel.

I feel like a lot of folks might feel constricted by the use of same 150 names for boys dependent on their circle, cause dad wants son to have xyz family name. And I’ve never felt that with my so. He’s always been more about the meaning than if it honors xyz. I adore boys names. Have a much longer list of boy name loves than girls. Irish brogues, surnames as first names, [name_f]English[/name_f] prep role call list, the Spaniards, and the Rugged gentleman… I adore so so many.

I think it could be something where you have to be willing to search though, with like a genuine heart. Like do you see this name on a baby with flailing arms, and on a little boy covered in mud? On a man down on one knee asking the one he loves to be with him the rest of his life, and on an old man that goes to the same grocery store twice a week and people says “See you next week______! [name_m]Say[/name_m] hi to your SO for me!” ? You’ll have this name called out at doctors appointments and likely put on wedding invitations. He’ll get coffee with this name. He’ll have someone whisper it to get his attention. Hell, you’ll scream it trying to get his attention at a playground or a beach. They’ll introduce themselves to thousands of people. He’ll have little kids say it. People from different backgrounds of life, Vietnamese, Russian, Spanish… even maybe some backwoods [name_f]Louisiana[/name_f] redneck you can barely understand.

Women need the imagery. We do. And this helps me. When I look at a name, I think about the life lived with the name.


same here! It’s perfectly normal :blush:

there’s no right or wrong way to like names :grin: just have fun!

Yeah I understand I love thinking of first and middle names that sound good together as well as sibling names for girls more than boys names.and my favourite girls name list goes on forever where’s with boys I only have a few that I really properly love.
I feel like there not as much options but maybe I just haven’t found the ones that I really like???

This does not work becuase I do not even like the concept of boys. I do not want a son particularly, I am sixteen btw, and yeah idk. I just, no, not even male imagery makes me happy.

Well hopefully you work through your disdain for over half the population for the world. Definitely will be lonely life.

I find it easier to create combos for girls than boys personally.

I agree and I’m like this too, I could scroll through tons of boy names and even find the more rare ones kind of bland or boring for some reason, but I could scroll through the girls names and think 6/10 are beautiful

I’m probably misconstruing what you mean by this, but what you say here makes it sound like you don’t even like the idea of boys in general, which comes across as sexist. Of course, that may not be your intention, but I thought I’d let you know.

If you mean you don’t like masculine imagery, or it’s hard to imagine romantic boys/men beyond the traditionally unromantic conceptions we have of boys/men in societies, I would provide further clarification.