Isis - what do we think?

Came across this girls name the other day… Wondered what everyone else thought?

Great name for a diva.

– [name]Nephele[/name]

I don’t think I’m a fan…my slight lisp makes this name difficult for me…

I’m in love with this name
I know a girl named [name]Isis[/name] she is very pretty and exotic looking.

[name]Isis[/name] is pretty! Plus, it’s not to long and easy to spell.

Not a fan. Whenever I hear the name I think of the Egyptian goddess [name]Isis[/name], and it’s just not appealing to me… Plus, I don’t like the sound of it very much.
There are definitely better names out there :slight_smile:

It’s too tied to the goddess for me to like it for a person.

i like it> I also like [name]Thisbe[/name] but its too lispy for me to say everyday.

I always think of the Egyptian goddess. Not to mention, I don’t like the sound and the name just doesn’t seem very pretty overall. What about [name]Iris[/name]? [name]Iris[/name] was an ancient goddess too (the ancient Greek goddess of the rainbow) but I think it’s a much nicer name.
I hope this helps! :slight_smile: