Issues with quotes


I have for several weeks an issue with quotes. I cant quote other members words. Can you fix it?

This has been an ongoing problem here on Nameberry for awhile, and all of us are having the same problem.

[name_m]Ah[/name_m] ok. Good to know. Thanks for answering.

Yes, it’s a very annoying ongoing problem which we’ve tried very hard to fix, but unfortunately nothing has worked.

We are instead solving this and several other issues which have cropped up recently on the Forums by moving over to a completely new Forums platform, which will be much more modern and intuitive and much less glitchy!

If all goes well (you can understand that we want to be 100% on it before we launch) we should be making the move as early as next week.

Thanks so much everyone for bearing with us as we’ve been sorting this out.