Opinions on Iune , pronounced Iy-oon
Hawaiian version of [name_u]June[/name_u].

Thoughts on nicknames?
I thought of Iya , [name_f]Oona[/name_f]?

i think it’s nice! reminds me of iona which i also love

i think iune “oona” is adorable!

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It’s pretty! [name_f]My[/name_f] only hesitation would be on the mainland it would be mispronounced as loon a lot, you’d have to correct people. I also like the association with the [name_u]French[/name_u] word for moon


Iune is intriguing. I quite like the sounds

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Iune is new to me and so beautiful! I don’t think it needs a nn, but Iya and [name_f]Oona[/name_f] are both lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I dont know how I’d Pronounce Ioon , I think I’d say it the same as Iune unless your meaning more like [name_m]Iron[/name_m]? I-ON?

I really like it! it has a lovely sound and feel.



Loon would be pronounced very similar to how you are pronouncing [name_f]Lune[/name_f], but without the diphthong in the beginning. So much like the beginning of [name_u]Louise[/name_u], if that makes sense. And the only reason I mention it is loon is another word for a crazy person

However I think the slight distinction of the diphthong (ly-oon) distinguishes the name enough to remove it from that association.

I’m pretty sure Iune begins with an I, not a L! :))

Ah!!! :woman_facepalming: You’re totally right! Disregard all of that! I think it’s beautiful!

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Wow, Iune is so pretty!

Lol no wonder I was confused about it being pronounced like Loon :rofl: doesnt help the fonts on here make a Capital i look like a lower case L :rofl: I l.

I’m hoping that confusion wouldnt happen to much :woman_facepalming:t3:


I misread it as “loon” (as in “lunatic” at first), because of the font. It took me a minute to work out that it’s IUNE, not LUNE.

I think it sounds nice, though (depending on where you live) Yune may have fewer pronunciation/spelling issues.

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