I've Run Out of Lists!

My favorite lists, the ones that I reread in the hopes that a name will jump out at me are;

Vintage Names for Girls
Cool Vintage Names
Antique Names Ready for Restoration
If You like [name]Charlotte[/name]…
Old Lady Names


The only ones that have stuck are these;


So since those are the lists that best embody my style (in that order, too) but I’ve run out of names so to speak, do any of you have any suggestions for other avenues? I’ve looked at the individual names to see what lists lead where, and usually they yield more than the threads…maybe i should just come back to them in a month or so?

It’s not through Nameberry, but have you considered looking at some of the features on parentsconnect.com? They have a feature that suggests related/“other names you may like” at the bottom of each name profile they have. I don’t think stylistically they match quite as well as some of Nameberry’s lists and the suggested names at the bottom of each page, and half of the suggestions are more mainstream than something Nameberry would come up with, but it might come up with something you’ve missed so far?

The link to their database: babynamesworld.parentsconnect.com.

That’s really the only idea I have. Or possibly look at the old SSA lists–from as far back as 1900, 1880, etc. They might provide some inspiration, as well.

Good luck!

[i]They’re all my favourite lists too! (Except for ‘If you like [name]Charlotte[/name]…’ But that’s beyond the point.)
I adore your names that you have got! Have you tried nymbler? I find it quite useful, you can enter up to six names that you like for inspiration and it produces similar names. :slight_smile: I pretty sure the website is just nymbler.com. :slight_smile:

Good luck! [/i]

Also, this website has some really good lists! Quite similar to some of nameberry’s.

Yes, Nymbler is a help at times. :slight_smile:

Definitely this site!

I think this list in particular might help you: http://www.britishbabynames.com/blog/2011/05/victorian-darlings.html