Jameerah Needs a middle name

Ok so I posted a topic before with help for a first name. Played around with a couple names and came up with Jameerah which is [name]Indian[/name] for beautiful one. I like and so does he. Now we have to come up with a middle name he likes aleicia not to be confused with alecia. There is a different pronunciation. Im not too fond of aleicia though. I was told to play around with it as long as the name begins with an A.

Let’s see…
Jameerah [name]Arielle[/name]
Jameerah Aleicia
Jameerah Aigner
Jamerrah [name]Amani[/name] (really don’t like)
Jameerah [name]Alexandria[/name]
Jameerah Aiyden
Jameerah Aneice
Jameerah [name]Akila[/name]
Jameerah idk… thats were the help is needed. Please, please, please… I need help!!!