Java Kumala?

What do you all think of [name]Josh[/name] Holloway’s ([name]Sawyer[/name] from Lost) new baby girl’s name. I know Kumala is his wife’s maiden name. Not sure how I feel about [name]Java[/name]…I wonder if they have some connection to the island of [name]Java[/name] as opposed to naming their baby after their morning beverage :slight_smile:

I first thought of coffee, then the place, and then I pictured kids teasing her with “[name]Java[/name] the Hut.”

my first thought was, “well, it coulda been worse”

didn’t think about “java the hut.” Yikes.

I don’t like it at all. At first I just thought it was ridiculous, like [name]Bronx[/name] [name]Mowgli[/name], but I suppose it’s not as bad as that, since I believe [name]Java[/name] does have some meaning for them and Kumala is a family name. That’s really the only thing that saves it for me. I still really dislike it, though. Plus, it sounds very masculine to me.

Yessica Kumala ([name]Josh[/name]'s wife) is a native of Jarkarta, Indonesia…which is on the island of [name]Java[/name].

Still not a big fan of the name, though. :frowning: Oh well!

Congrats to [name]Josh[/name] and Yessica!

I know it’s an island, but it’s coffee. I don’t know anything about Indonesian naming customs, maybe lots of children are named [name]Java[/name] there. I have strong doubts. I think they missed an opportunity to use a culturally Indonesian name instead this American trend of place names. It’s not a horrible word. It makes me think of [name]Java[/name] [name]Joe[/name]; however nobody thinks naming a kid [name]Joe[/name] is like naming him coffee. It sounds nice, but would have rather seen a beautiful name come up from her native culture. Kumala is beautiful. I don’t know what it means. Maybe I’m too shallow, Kumala doesn’t mean anything to me, but it sounds prettier. Place name + Maiden name. So, is this something they would do in Indonesia?

I think there are better ways to unite the two cultures in child-naming adventures. It goes just perfect with Holloway. Sounds like a tropical sentence.

Hey karen. I am Indonesian. And there’s just a few people named their baby [name]Java[/name], not lots. It’s sounds weird to us, like we name our baby as the island where we live? Big no :S.

No, that is not the thing we would do in Indonesia. Maybe Yessica Kumala just wanna share the culture of Indonesia by name her daughter something identic with Indonesia. I appreciate her, really :slight_smile:

Is this their second child, does anyone know? What was the first’s name?

In my daughters music class there is a 2 yr old swedish named [name]Java[/name]. Its just weird.