I can make a long list of girl names that I like, but I can’t with boy names. My boyfriend is really into airplanes and stuff, so I found the name [name]Jean[/name]-[name]Pierre[/name] while browsing about historical people to do with flight. He likes the name too. I read that many times in [name]America[/name] a name like [name]Jean[/name] ([name]John[/name]) gets confused for the girl name [name]Jean[/name]. Men named [name]Jean[/name] would get mail addressed to Ms. [name]Jean[/name].
Wouldn’t it be better to be [name]Jean[/name]-[name]Pierre[/name] and not just [name]Jean[/name]? And we’re not even French.

[name]Jean[/name]-[name]Pierre[/name] is definitely better than just [name]Jean[/name] for a boy.

You could always Americanize it a bit and name him [name]Jon[/name]-[name]Pierre[/name] instead. That way you could choose to pronounce it like either [name]Jean[/name]-[name]Pierre[/name] or with a hard J like regular [name]John[/name], but it would eliminate the gender confusion.

[name]Just[/name] a thought!