Jedidiah Patriot!

Is it as awesome as i think it is? [name]Feel[/name] free to be honest

As a fan of the New [name]England[/name] Patriots, and everything our country was founded on, i love this name. (I also love the nickname [name]Jed[/name])

Ditto everything crazynamazing said. What about Jediah though? When I say the name aloud, I stumble over the “did” part, sounds like I am stuttering. I love the nn [name]Jed[/name] too.

As someone from the northwestern United States, I find [name]Jedidiah[/name] Patriot to be almost too southern-sounding. Biblical name + patriotic name just makes me think of a guy BBQing steaks in [name]Texas[/name] on the Fourth of [name]July[/name]. It’s awesome that you’re so passionate about your beliefs and your country, but I feel like giving your child a name with such a strong image attached to it might not be such a good idea.

Well I’m from New [name]England[/name], and I’m an atheist. But I do love being an American and I have lived in the southwest and grilling steaks in [name]Texas[/name] on the fourth of [name]July[/name] sounds like my idea of a good time. And if by “too southern-sounding” you mean a little redneckish, then you got that part right, I am a little redneckish. So maybe this is the name for us.

I like it. However, I think Zebadiah might work better - fewer d sounds (and I dig the nn [name]Zeb[/name]).

Worrying about sounding to ‘Southern’ is a little like worrying about sounding too ‘hippie’. I like both Biblical names and nature names, but I don’t feel like I fall squarely in a specific stereotype like that… I’ve lived all over the country (northwest, south, and northeast), and I don’t see faith or patriotism as being a strictly regional thing. I’m religious, patriotic, and a conservationist. Where do I live? :wink:

I hear what your saying about Zebadiah. I like it, But I know someon named [name]Zeb[/name] who I wouldn’t want to name my child after. And I know someone witha dog named [name]Jebadiah[/name] so that’s out too. I’m considering [name]Zephaniah[/name] but i think I I like [name]Jedidiah[/name] better.

If you love it, go for it!

To me, it sounds a bit like an animated character name… which is either a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it, I suppose.

I’ve always found [name]Jedidiah[/name] a bit clunky and stuttery sounding, personally, but my taste is so different that it’s not really a fair comparison.

Well I personally think [name]Jedidiah[/name] Patriot is an awesome name. It’s unique in a good way and has a great vibe to it. I would imagine a [name]Jedidiah[/name] as a friendly, laid back kind of guy who you’d want to hang out with. Patriot is a really cool middle name. It has a lot of importance to you and if you’re going to be a little out there, the middle name is the perfect place to do it. If your son ever feels that his name is “too much” or “too Southern” or what have you, he could always go by JP. I say go for it.

This made me laugh. That’s the best kind of guy right there!