Thoughts on [name]Jolyon[/name]? I like the look of it, but is it too pretentious?

I actually prefer [name]Julian[/name]. I don’t think [name]Jolyon[/name] is too pretentious, but if I didn’t know the history of it, I think I would assume it to be a trendy spelling of [name]Julian[/name].

There is an English footballer (soccer) named Joleon Lescott and that spelling looks so much nicer than [name]Jolyon[/name] which reminds me of things like Polygon, Nylon and other similar words lol!

I had never heard of it before, but after reading the PP I prefer Joleon too. [name]Jolien[/name] Jolian might make it look a bit less like [name]Jolene[/name]?

I smiled when I saw [name]Jolyon[/name]! I looked it up a few years ago after meeting it for the first time in the Tintin comic books, which are very popular in Europe (not as much here in [name]America[/name], though the new Tintin movie is bound to get them more attention.) [name]Jolyon[/name] Wagg is the name of a perpetually smiling and persistent insurance salesman character. He was not introduced in the movie but is prominent in several of the books. That’s my one and only association with the name–not bad, just funny. The similarity to the word “jolly” reinforces that impression for me. I do prefer [name]Julian[/name], though. Best wishes!

I agree with this. :slight_smile:

I love [name]Jolyon[/name], and I find it both quirky and deliciously medieval. I do worry, though, that it would be seen as a touch pretentious where I live. It might be too close to the mega-popular [name]Julian[/name] to be worth the trouble, too.