Jordy as a NN for a girl

I know it is a little backward but I am a nicknamer & I’d like to find a longer, more feminine name I love that can be shortened to [name]Jordy[/name]. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I can’t think of much besides what has already been mentioned. [name]Jordan[/name] seems like the most obvious choice.
I don’t want to repeat any from above, but here are some variations I’ve heard:

[name]Jordyn[/name] - this is the name of a girl in my class, and she shortens it to [name]Jordy[/name].
[name]Jordanna[/name] - I know a girl by this name, she sometimes goes by [name]Jordy[/name], or [name]Jorie[/name], but usually the full name.
[name]Jorja[/name] - like the actress on CSI! ( I like the traditional [name]Georgia[/name] spelling MUCH better though).

[name]Jordana[/name] is my favourite. It’s a lovely name.