Jude Nathaniel needs a brother!

[name]Jude[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name] will have a brother this spring! I’m planning to go with [name]Huck[/name] (after much deliberation about the rhyming problem- I decided it’s the name I really do love) but unsure about a middle name. Any advice?

Thanks in advance!

I love your son’s name, [name]Jude[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name] - two wonderful Biblical gems. Let me be honest: I’m kind of shocked that you would want to name his brother [name]Huck[/name]. They’re not a good match at all. [name]Huck[/name] sounds like a nickname to me. The first associations in my mind are for [name]Huckleberry[/name] [name]Finn[/name] as well as the cartoon character [name]Huckleberry[/name] Hound. My advice is to think very carefully before your final choice. Children can be so cruel so don’t be surprised if they call [name]Huck[/name] another less pleasing name (eg. it rhymes with [name]Huck[/name] but starts with an “F”). [name]Jude[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name] is such a classy name so I wouldn’t want his younger brother to feel like he was short changed. If you still want to choose this name, I would suggest a “softer” two or more syllable middle name to go with it.

[name]Huck[/name] [name]Benjamin[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Simon[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Adrian[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Francis[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Josiah[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Virgil[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Ethan[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Jonah[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Sebastian[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Tobias[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Samson[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Joseph[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Theodore[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Gabriel[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Malachi[/name]

Hmmmm, I do like a biblical middle name for [name]Huck[/name] to go along with [name]Jude[/name] [name]Nathaniel[/name].

[name]Huck[/name] [name]Abraham[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Elijah[/name] (my fave)
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Emmanuel[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Jeremiah[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Josiah[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Matthias[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Samuel[/name]
[name]Huck[/name] [name]Tobias[/name]

For what it is worth, my sister’s best friend has a 9 year old named [name]Huck[/name] and teasing has never been an issue. This came up in conversation because they were talking about their son’s names and how odd it was that my sister’s son (named [name]Blake[/name]) gets teased at school ([name]Blake[/name] the snake, fake [name]Blake[/name], etc), whereas [name]Huck[/name] does not! But obviously the potential exists…maybe they aren’t old enough yet :wink: