Today I watched a Japanese remake of the 1990 film Ghost. It was good, but what really caught my attention was the name of the male main character: [name]Juno[/name]. He was a Korean potter living in Japan, and after looking it up, I saw that it was origionally spelled as [name]Jun[/name]-ho. [name]Just[/name] thought I’d share that odd run in.

  • [name]Athena[/name]

I love [name]Juno[/name] for either gender even though its a female name

[name]Love[/name] [name]Juno[/name] and consider it to be strong feminine.

Many languages such as Italian denote boys names as ending in O (i.e. [name]Antonia[/name] for girl, [name]Antonio[/name] for boy), so I guess it could work well as a boys name.

I like these type of names for girls. [name]Juno[/name], [name]June[/name], and [name]Juniper[/name] are my favorites!

I’ve heard of [name]Juno[/name] and [name]Junot[/name] (as in [name]Diaz[/name]) for boys pretty frequently, and until I became a real name nerd I thought it was masculine, expecially when pronounced ju-NO instead of [name]JUNE[/name]-oh. I do prefer it on girls, though.

I’ve always thought of it as a strong, feminine name. Also a name I truly adore.

I don’t know whether it would work for a boy though. I suppose it would, but I will always prefer it on a girl. Also, there’s the film [name]Juno[/name] which may bring about teasing.