Just Curious about Agness

I just came across the name [name]Agness[/name] spelled with two s-es. I like it! I feel it makes it a little more feminine and accessible. What do you think? (I’m not considering this for my daughter, but just liked it!)

I don’t think it changes a whole lot about the name.
It still feels stuffy to me…

My honest first thought was that it looks like a misspelled [name]Agnes[/name]. :frowning: To me, it’s the G sound that makes [name]Agnes[/name] sound hard to me.

I was once friends with an Italian [name]Agnese[/name], and her name was pronounced “on-YAY-zay.” I always thought it was a much softer version of [name]Agnes[/name]. Oh! I also know a young French [name]Agnes[/name], and her name is pronounced “Ahn-yess” (although I may not have done a good job spelling it phonetically).

Have a great night! :slight_smile:

I don’t really like [name]Agnes[/name]. AGG-nis. I think [name]Agness[/name] looks like you’re supposed to pronounce it [name]Ag[/name]-NESS, and reminds me of words that end in -ess, like waitress, actress, stewardess - you know, words that are feminized versions of job titles that don’t actually have the word “man” in them, so one wonders why the default word is assumed to be male. Leave off the last S for Savings, I think. That extra S is weird.

I liked the [name]Agnese[/name], like [name]Jill[/name] provided for us, but I think it would be very tough getting people to pronounce it as beautifully. [name]Even[/name] if they can learn, it will probably always sound butchered somewhat. I recently met an Agnieszka, that’s [name]Ag[/name]-nee-esh-ka, which seems cool, I think she was a Polish immigrant, and very interesting and cool - and people call her Agnie which sounds like Agony. :frowning:

Spelled this way I first thought you were trying to spell Ageness (age w/ a soft G). I know that’s not even a word, but [name]Agness[/name] just doesn’t look right.

Haha! Now that you mentioned “Ageness”, I can’t see anything else with this name!

I have no intention of using the name [name]Agnes[/name], no matter the spelling. I have never warmed to this name, but for some reason, though, the extra s made it more likable for me. [name]Just[/name] wanted to see what others thought of it!