Just heard of a little girl named...


What do you all make of that?

I think it’s just as disrespectful as using any other “tribe” or “peoples” names such as [name]Dakota[/name] or [name]Seneca[/name], or the worst - [name]Gypsy[/name].

I like the sound…
I’ve been considering Vinca as a nn for [name]Veronica[/name].

It makes me think of [name]Inga[/name], a Scandinavian name…
Also of [name]Inka[/name] cola.
[name]Dakota[/name] is also a place and [name]Seneca[/name] was a [name]Roman[/name] playwright, so, I don’t know, those don’t bother me as much, especially [name]Seneca[/name].
[name]Gypsy[/name] is unfortunate because the term itself is actually considered disparaging by the people it’s applied to.

[name]Inka[/name] is a Skandinavian name as well, but in this spelling. I think it’s nice.

Basically this. It’s like naming your kid Navajo or Inuit.

um It would definitely take some getting used to. Not my fave…

I agree that it reminds me of [name]Inga[/name] or Linka (which I swear I’ve heard) or [name]Mica[/name], it’s not a name I like but I’ve seen worse

I don’t like the sound of the name. Other than that it’s just fine.

It’s kind of cute, I refer [name]Inka[/name] though. A friend of mine’s co worker named her newborn daughter Cherokee [name]Gabrielle[/name] -fn/mn.

See, my father’s side of the family is [name]Seneca[/name] and I really do find it disrespectful.

I wouldn’t do it. I have a book (non-fiction) from the '70s and there was a young girl - child of rather counter-cultural hippies - named Inca in it. I thought it was interesting when I read it as a little girl, but I have real issues with naming kids [name]Dakota[/name] etc. today so I would never do it.

I don’t agree with naming children [name]Gypsy[/name]/[name]Dakota[/name] etc.

I do like [name]Indigo[/name].

I agree with [name]Flick[/name].

My brother and I were both supposed to be named after tribes/peoples. I was to be [name]Cheyenne[/name] [name]Sioux[/name] and my brother was [name]Lakota[/name] Apache. I find it odd but not outright disrespectful, although I know some people see it as such. I personally wouldn’t name my child after a tribe/people but names like [name]Cheyenne[/name] and [name]Dakota[/name] are popular and well used enough that they don’t bother me for that reason at all.
I think using a derogatory reference to a culture or using a name particularly associated with a culture would be more offensive/bothersome,disrespectful.