I recently read a book and the main character’s name was [name]Kara[/name]. I really like this name and I always have, though I used to prefer the spelling [name]Cara[/name]. Now, after reading this novel, I seem to prefer [name]Kara[/name]. Although I’m neither pregnant or TTC, as I’m only 15, I am thinking ahead. I’ve discovered I have a few hesitations about the name. First off, I feel like it might be a little dated. The only [name]Kara[/name] I know in my everyday life is my friend’s mom. I know [name]Cara[/name] is still pretty popular but would [name]Kara[/name] still be usuable? And second, what do you think of the name? I only discovered it yesterday and I already love it, but I know not everyone feels the same way. [name]Do[/name] you like it? Why or why not? Thanks for your opinions! :slight_smile:

I think it’s a pretty name. [name]Kara[/name] seems more feisty than [name]Cara[/name], and I think I like it better. I don’t feel that it is dated but it may be someday when all the little girls being named [name]Cara[/name]/[name]Kara[/name] are grown up. I think [name]Kara[/name] is essentially the same name as [name]Cara[/name] so you have to look at the combined popularity of both spellings.

I think it’s a very pretty name but I much prefer it spelt [name]Cara[/name], mostly because I’m a ‘C over K’ person and every time I see a ‘C’ name spelt with a ‘K’ I think of those krazy Kardashians. I think it’ll definitely still be usable in ten or so years.

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