Looking for opinions on Karac as a boy’s name. It’s pronounced care-ick. Is it too weird? My husband thinks it sounds too much like “carrot”, but I really like the sound of it.

I like Carrick, which is pronounced the same. I’m a bit confused by Karac. I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t have pronounced it correctly if I saw it written down somewhere.

I heard of the name as the son of one of the members of Led [name]Zeppelin[/name]. That’s how his name was spelled. Other spellings might be better. Thanks!

Interesting! I just did a quick Google search on the name, since I’d never encountered Karac before, and I found this:

Perhaps your husband might like [name]Caradoc[/name] better if he doesn’t like the sound of Karac?

Thanks! Karac Pendragon Plant, son of [name]Robert[/name] Plant, was his full name.

I like the sound but something about the spelling is weird to me. [name]Do[/name] you like [name]Merrick[/name]?

Interesting name. I think I like it, though I prefer Carrick quite a bit more. That’s a great name. It looks better to me (Karac looks a little strange) and would have a more intuitive pronunciation (which isn’t always important to me, but since Carrick looks better anyways, I’d prefer it that way).

I have a friend named Karac. Now I know how to pronounce it it doesn’t seem strange to me at all :slight_smile: