Where is [name]Karen[/name]? I miss her. She was smart and said very interesting things about names. If there is any way to get her back, please tell her that I miss her a lot!

I’ve been wondering, too, [name]Susan[/name]. (And Twinkle! Where’s Twinkle?) :slight_smile:

I love Twinkle!

Oh, thank you, both of you :smiley:

I have no idea where [name]Karen[/name] is, I’m afraid, but I popped off to have a baby …

[name]Hi[/name], Twinkle! It’s so great to see you! I saw your exciting news on the [name]Raphael[/name] thread, but just want to congratulate you again on your baby boy!

I hope you’re doing well! :slight_smile:

[name]Hi[/name] folks! I just made a mistake on another place I read and clicked the link to I’m not going to link it. It’s a site about tv tropes. [name]Do[/name] yourself a favor and avoid it if you love tv and nerdy stuff about tv/movies/video games. LOL. I miss you too! Here is a cartoon that explains a little bit about what that site! is about (if you’re not familiar):

I really miss you and sorry I didn’t make time to visit all my hobby sites but I love tv. We go way back.

Off to catch up… see you there.

[name]HI[/name] [name]KAREN[/name]! I really missed reading your thoughtful posts! Everytime I see a long post I think, oh I hope [name]Karen[/name]'s back!