Katrina Mitchells 23 Children

Hi, in this one you pick the names of the characters I don’t already have names for (the blank spaces) and I’ll put down the ones I already have or at least have ideas for (like the 15 yr old nontuplets). Also should William and DS2 be married and have kids? Thanks!

DW (45): Katrina Madison Mitchells “Kat”
DH (47): Judah Matthew (Jackson) Mitchells “Jude”

DS1 (25): William Cole Mitchells “Will”
DS2 (25):
DS3 (24):
DS4 (24):
DS5 (23): Maverick Aspen Mitchells “Mav”
DS6 (22):
DD1 (22):
DS7 (20): Charles Rory Mitchells “Charlie”
DD2 (19):
DD3 (18):
DD4 (16):
DS8 (16):
DD5 (15): Lucinda Grace Mitchells “Luci”
DD6 (15): Julietta Danielle Mitchells “Julia”
DS9 (15): Tobias Jacob Mitchells “Toby”
DD7 (15): Penelope Camille Mitchells “Nellie”
DS10 (15) Ezra Beckett Mitchells “Beck”
DD8 (15): Hannah Diane Mitchells “Hannie”
DD9 (15): Chloe Delilah Mitchells “Lilah”
DD10 (15): Audriana Piper Mitchells “Audrey”
DS11 (15): Owen Leonard Mitchells “Lenny”
DD11 (07): Elliana Parker Mitchells “Ellie”
DS12 (04): Adrian Oliver Mitchells “Adri”

PS: Sorry if it makes no sense. Haven’t done one of these in a hot minute.