Katt's Personality Predictor(Arithmancy Evaluations)

Inspired by [name]Nephele[/name]'s anagrams, I’ve decided to offer my services as a practitioner of Arithmancy. For anyone who doesn’t know, Arithmancy is a method of divination(fortune-telling) using numbers. A widely-held belief is that a person’s name heavily influences his or her personality. One way to see this influence is through Arithmancy, which uses numbers to evaluate the name.

Whether you believe in it or not, it’s still interesting to see what your name says about your personality. I’m offering custom evaluations for anyone who wants them.

I do need full names for my evaluations, including any and all middle names. To protect your privacy, you can use this link to scramble the letters in your name. The evaluation will be the same no matter what order the letters are in.

[name]Feel[/name] free to request multiple names. :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting, let’s see what comes up for my husband’s name haha!


Thank you, and all the best :slight_smile:

Your husband is a 7-8-8.

One thing I find interesting is that is heart and soul numbers (which represent his inner personality and how people see him, respectively) are the same. This means that he is likely a very honest person. He is also the kind of person who likes to be in control, and he is generally practical and ambitious. He is intelligent, imaginative, perceptive, and understanding, and likes to read. Sometimes he can be greedy, jealous, pessimistic, and sarcastic. He can be very stubborn at times. The abundance of 8 energy in his name makes him a good fit for business, finance, and politics, and means that he will likely be very successful if he isn’t already. Be warned, however, as 8 is one of the most unpredictable numbers, and if he isn’t highly successful, he will likely be the exact opposite.


I’ll play!

[name]Nephele[/name] Carnal

(That’s my gothic anagrammed name.)

– [name]Nephele[/name]

Here are two first and middle names scrabbled. Did you need last name too? Thanks for doing this.

The last name is the same for both: AEONNRRT

[name]Nephele[/name], you’re a 6-8-7.

Your heart number is 8, so on the inside you’re the type of person that likes to be in control. You likely have a flair for business, finance, or politics. You’re practical and hardworking, and also ambitious. You might have a bit of a jealous streak, and sometimes be a bit greedy. People see you as a highly intelligent, creative person, although a bit bookish. You seem to value knowledge over material possessions, although your heart number says the opposite. You’re interested in mythology and fiction, and you’re probably a fantastic author. Sometimes you seem a bit sarcastic or pessimistic. Overall, you’re a very caring person. 6 is the domestic number, which means you’ll probably be a fantastic parent and enjoy parenting. You’re loyal and reliable, but sometimes put others before yourself too much. You’ll also have plenty of artistic talent. If you have an overabundance of 6 energy, you probably worry too much.

Ta-da! xD. I love these. They’re a lot of fun.

This sounds fun! My name is [name]Carla[/name] [name]Dawn[/name] [name]McLeod[/name] (maiden was [name]Loree[/name]).

Very good, Katt! You were mostly right on the money. Except that I’m not “a fantastic author” – but I am actually married to a fantastic author! And I’m not “a fantastic parent” – I’m not a parent at all, and I can truthfully say that I’m very happy not having the responsibility of parenthood (that’s a big job!). Also, I can truthfully say that jealousy and greed are pretty foreign emotions, to me.

But everything else you wrote, like I said, right on the money.

– [name]Nephele[/name]

Here’s mine!


I included my surname, wasn’t sure if I was supposed to.


ooh! [name]Do[/name] mine please! This sounds so fun!

[name]Nevada[/name] [name]Marie[/name] [name]Ramos[/name] (maiden name was [name]Smith[/name])

And if you have time/the energy would you mind doing my son?

[name]Evan[/name] [name]Alexzander[/name] [name]Ramos[/name]



This sounds like fun.

Here’s mine: saarihwlnovneevasas
My son: rienhhohsaoarnwrva

Calimom, your two names are a 6-1-5 and a 2-7-4.

The first one is a natural-born leader. One is the number of the individual, and this person will be independent and motivated. They will also be proud, and have difficulty taking orders. One is kind of the “hero” number, and this person will be loyal and honest. However, they will also sometimes be egotistical and domineering. A 6 is a good foil for the 1 energy, because 6 represents love and friendliness. This will offset 1’s sometimes unfriendly nature, making this person a good friend and somebody who cares immensely about the people around them. A six is also loyal, so this person can be expected to be an extremely loyal person. They will also be prone to helping those less fortunate. People see this person as adventurous, and they probably enjoy traveling and meeting new people. However, this also brings with it a desire for change. This person probably won’t stay in one place for very long. They also may seem impatient or quick-tempered.
I must say, this person seems like the perfect fictional hero, with the right mix of kindness and leadership qualities, and an adventurous streak.

The second person is much gentler. 7 is the number of the scholar, and this person will enjoy learning and reading. They will be highly intelligent, and know how to use this intelligence. This person will be an introvert, as 2 and 7 are both introverted numbers. The combination of 2 and 7 also makes this person extremely creative. They’ll also be serious, which comes from the combination of 4 and 7. 2 is what I like to call the “sweetheart” number. This person will be extremely kind, probably a bit of a peacemaker. However, this person is sometimes very emotional and moody. A 2 is loyal, and will probably be very loved. People see this person as stable and hardworking. They are logical and organized, but sometimes can be stubborn. They will also be fairly predictable. Because four is 2x2, the presence of a four magnifies the two personality.


I used your maiden name, as most arithmancers agree that the birth name is the strongest of the names. That’s why I ask for the full name.

Ironically, you’re also a 6-1-5. The first evaluation I gave Calimom will probably be very accurate for you. Due to your married name, it’s likely that you’ll have traits of the 3 and 7 as well. (your married name comes out to a 3-5-7.)
The 3 is the number of creativity and success. You may be quite optimistic, and a natural salesman. The friendly, loving nature of the six is magnified by the 3, which carries with it those same two traits. The 7 is an intelligent, imaginative number, and 7s usually love to read and learn. You also may be interested in mythology or the supernatural.

[name]Nephele[/name], I’m glad yours turned out pretty accurate! It’s not an exact science, haha, so there’s always going to be a few things that aren’t right.


Yes, I do need your surname. ^^

Your name comes out to an 8-6-2.

It’s interesting to note that the 2, your social number, comes from an eleven. [name]Eleven[/name] is one of the “master numbers.” Although I don’t use them in my predictions, master numbers are usually a sign of great power. Your name contains both a 6 and a 2, which are the numbers associated with kindness, friendship, and family. This means that you are very loyal and loving. Sometimes you can be a bit moody and introverted, and you will sometimes forego your own needs for the needs of others. Sixes are generally good and dedicated parents, and love to help people. The 8 means that you are the kind of person who likes to be in control, and to be recognized for your abilities. You have good judgement when it comes to money and business, and you can be practical and ambitious. However, sometimes you can be a bit too domineering, and you can sometimes be a jealous person.


Like Bennettsmom, I used your maiden name. You are a 9-4-5. You also might have traits of 6 and 2, amplifying some of your 9 traits.

Overall, this makes you determined and dedicated, particularly at helping others. You have a close relationship with your friends and family, and often seem to be kind and thoughtful. You are very talented, although it may seem that some of these talents are latent abilities. Everything true with a “3” personality is particularly strong in you, making you highly imaginative. The four means that you are hardworking and dedicated. You can sometimes be stubborn, and once you put your mind to something, you can be sure that it will be accomplished. You are loyal and dependable, and quite honest. Others will see you as an adventurous spirit, and you like to try new things and meet new people.

Your son is a 2-7-4.

The two comes from an eleven, which is a “master number” that represents great power. He will likely be an introvert and very creative, as these are traits present in both the 2 and the 7. He is intelligent and likes to read. He will probably be serious, as shown by both the 4 and the 7. He is sweet-natured, loyal, and committed. People see him as hardworking and dependable, and good at getting things done. The 4 amplifies the 2 nature, which means he is very aware of what is going on around him, and is sensitive. He can be moody and over-emotional at times, and might be a bit too sensitive sometimes. Also, he has a wonderful name. :slight_smile:


You are an 8-2-6.

Like Bounceparty, the 2 and the 6 together means that you will be very kind, loyal, and loving. You are good with people, and your friends and family are very important to you. Sometimes you can be a bit too emotional and timid. You crave love from the people around you, and will go out of your way to make your loved ones happy. Sometimes this can be a fault if you neglect your own wants and needs for the sake of others. You enjoy control and being in charge, but can also work as part of a team if you need to. You seek power, which is not a bad thing as long as you don’t take it to an extreme. You probably have a knack for business, finance, or politics. You work hard when you have a goal in mind, and can be very committed to what you want.

Goodhope, I’ll do yours after dinner. :slight_smile:

Guess who’s the coolest person on the block right now?? It’s totally you. When you get a chance: [name]Aida[/name] [name]Elisa[/name] Reluzco ;D and if you’re bored my theoretical son in the future would be “[name]Gabriel[/name] [name]Jeremiah[/name] Stokes”.

This is totally cool.

Sounds cool :slight_smile:
lytroarahynctarupupr - me

aiandinroesuapuprr - favorite for a girl

saharnialglasiaohr - friend who is also curious

:slight_smile: thanks!

Sounds cool


And if you have time my current favorite for a girl:


Sounds cool!

Katt that was awesome! You got me spot on! THANK YOU :smiley:

Me too: [name]Leslie[/name] [name]Elayne[/name] [name]Owen[/name]
My kids: [name]Caitlin[/name] [name]Louisa[/name] [name]Owen[/name]-Shore; [name]Thomas[/name] [name]Caleb[/name] [name]Owen[/name]-Shore


Not sure how best to calculate it - with my current name or my married name or neither? So I’ve inlcuded all 3.

janevadrabeckchee - with maiden name
benedictamcgrayjones - with married name
jadaerbcece - just first and middle name

If you have time and don’t mind, please do my husband’s as well!!

aldermangwynpontius - with surname
danalewpru - without surname, just first and middle.

Please don’t trouble yourself with all of these! [name]Just[/name] pick one version and go with it.

[name]How[/name] exciting! Thank you!!