Keeper of the Lost Cities!

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One of my friends insists that it should be Linh+[name_u]Wylie[/name_u], but I keep telling her that they’re just good friends plus they have a huge age difference! What do you guys think?

I think Lylie for the Winh!!!


omg you have to!!! XD

Ohhh, I think Linh might not have been introduced to you yet

@dogs_books, have you read up to [name_u]Legacy[/name_u]?

Yep! Waiting impatiently for the next book


yeah she comes in book 4 (my favorite)


Is that the one where they run away to the black swan? That’s my favorite!


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I have all of them, including the exclusive editions :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh, and for anyone confused as to why we jsut picked up in the middle of a discussion, it began here: What cliche(s) do you hate most?

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I just got them from my amazing school library

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libraries are amazing… I miss the library so much

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I’ve gotten a few books from barnes and noble, but otherwise I just have to read ebooks on the kindle or my computer and it’s soooo annoying

Plus, I love the library feeling of just being surrounded by books…

I have a kindle as well, I usually get books on Overdrive instead of buying them because I’m super cheap. Whenever I go to a bookstore like [name_m]Barnes[/name_m] and [name_u]Noble[/name_u], I usually get a book I’ve already read before and loved because I know I’ll like it :joy:. [name_f]My[/name_f] parents think I’m crazy, but I don’t want to spend FIFTEEN DOLLARS on it because [name_m]Barnes[/name_m] and Nobles is so overpriced if I’m not actually gonna like it. I do branch out in libraries and used book stores, of course.

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