Kelly as a boy's NN?

I like the name [name_m]Kellan[/name_m] [name_m]Alexander[/name_m] with [name_u]Kelly[/name_u] as a NN. [name_m]Kellan[/name_m]/[name_u]Kelly[/name_u] give me an Irish/Western vibe. Thoughts? Would it be a cruel name for a little boy, or is it useable?


I know a man whose given name is [name_u]Kelly[/name_u] and he wears it very well. He does get a lot of negative comments though. I think it works just fine as a nickname, I also like Kells and [name_m]Len[/name_m]/ny as nns for [name_m]Kellan[/name_m].

I think [name_u]Kelly[/name_u] is nicer on a man than a woman! All the male Kellys I’ve met have been warm, funny people (and all very attractive too!) They were all Irish, so I definitely get that vibe.

There might be some teasing, especially as it also rhymes with “smelly”, but I don’t think this is a name that invites bullying per se. If it were [name_f]Sophie[/name_f] for a boy then maybe, but this is a certified unisex name with a strong sound.

Coming from a male [name_u]Kelly[/name_u] himself, I say that it’s definitely usable!

I also know a boy with the given name [name_u]Kelley[/name_u], so I would say it is definitely usable too.

[name_u]Kelly[/name_u] is dreadfully dated on a girl but very fresh for a boy. I think it really depends on where you live. Here in the southern US there are still a decent number of men named [name_u]Kelly[/name_u].