Kenzie or McKenzie

I love both [name]Kenzie[/name] and [name]McKenzie[/name] but I cannot decide which I like more. I like that [name]Kenzie[/name] is very chic and cool and I like [name]McKenzie[/name] because I can use [name]Kenzie[/name] as a NN and she can still get a more complete name. Which do you prefer? Thoughts/Opinions?

I don’t really like any Mc-names for girls, so I would vote just for [name]Kenzie[/name]. The “Mc” makes it seem so much less feminine to me. But maybe you like that?

I really like [name]Kenzie[/name]! I agree with jgrasse, the Mc- prefix tends to irk me on females. I actually think that [name]McKenzie[/name] sounds like [name]Kenzie[/name] with a “Mc-” awkwardly tacked on, even though it’s more popular than [name]Kenzie[/name]. However, I definitely don’t dislike [name]McKenzie[/name] as much as other Mc- female names.

I love them both but all of a sudden I have taken a real liking to [name]Kenzie[/name], just [name]Kenzie[/name]. I think it is the perfect balance of sweet and sassy, cool and cute. I just love it!

I definitely like [name]Kenzie[/name] better. It’s fresh and spunky yet sweet! The “Mc” feels dated to me & loses all freshness.

To be honest, I think they both sound dated and [name]Kenzie[/name] isn’t strong enough to stand on its own as a name. I think [name]Kerensa[/name] or [name]Kezia[/name] would be much prettier choices.

[name]Kenzie[/name] is much better than [name]McKenzie[/name]- in my opinion Mc should only be the beginning of a surname.

I like [name]Kenzie[/name] by itself much more than [name]McKenzie[/name]…and I would even prefer the spelling [name]Mackenzie[/name] over [name]McKenzie[/name]. I do like the name [name]Kenzie[/name] by itself, though.

I love both cousin is [name]Kenzi[/name] and she is in her 20s and she loves it to the alternative [name]Mackenzie[/name]. Its so chic and simple and very spunky.

I prefer [name]Kenzie[/name]… have you also considered [name]Kinsley[/name] or [name]Kinsey[/name] as well??? same kind of vibe!!

I prefer the [name]Mackenzie[/name] spelling myself. [name]Kenzie[/name], to me, just sounds like you forgot the [name]Mac[/name]/Mc. It’s a nickname, not a full, given name with the rich history of [name]Mackenzie[/name]/[name]McKenzie[/name]. And while a pp said that they both sound dated, I think [name]Mackenzie[/name] stands a greater chance of standing the test of time than [name]Kenzie[/name]. This is all my personal opinion, obviously, but I always try the CEO test - can you imagine [name]Kenzie[/name] being the CEO of a company? I certainly can’t. To me, [name]Kenzie[/name] is a cutesy nickname to use for the solid surname-turned-first-name [name]Mackenzie[/name].
I may be slightly biased, as my ancestor’s clan in [name]Scotland[/name] was the [name]Mackenzie[/name] clan - so to me the name should stay as is!

I can see CEO [name]Kenzi[/name]!