I have a niece named [name_u]Mackenzie[/name_u] but I really like the name [name_f]Kinsey[/name_f]. Are they too similar? Kinny and [name_m]Kenny[/name_m] for [name_f]Kinsey[/name_f] and [name_u]Mackenzie[/name_u] come to mind for nicknames. Cute or no?

I think that if Mackenzie goes by Kenz/Kenzie a lot, then maybe, yes, it might be a bit too similar for cousins. If not, I think it’d be fine. I do think though that it would depend on just how close the two families are/how often you all spend time together, as if it’s not often as opposed to every week, I don’t think it’d matter so much.

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I think [name_f]Kinsey[/name_f] is cutesy but a little close to your nieces name / nicknames

If you spend a lot of time with [name_u]Mackenzie[/name_u] and she goes by [name_u]Kenzie[/name_u], it does feel a bit close but otherwise it could work

You might like [name_f]Kinsley[/name_f]?

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