Kirsten / Kirstin / Kiersten

[name]Hi[/name] girls!

I introduced myself a few days ago and was asking for help on girl names. I am 32 weeks pregnant and we don’t know if the baby is a boy or girl. I think we have decided on [name]Grace[/name] or [name]Emma[/name] as a first name, with [name]Grace[/name] at the top.

We want to give our daughters Scandinavian middle names and have decided on [name]Kirsten[/name] for our first daughter.

My question is…

[name]Do[/name] any of you know what the proper Scandinavian spelling of this name is??? I can’t seem to find anything consistant on the name and it is driving me bonkers! I want the ligit Scandi spelling of the name!!!


Ok, so this may not be the most reliable source. But there is an American Girl doll named [name]Kirsten[/name] and she is from [name]Sweden[/name]. Seeing as how [name]Sweden[/name] is part or Scandinavia, it is reasonable to assume that this is the correct spelling. Granted, she is a doll, but I would assume that the company would have made sure it was the legitimate spelling before she was released, pretty much everything else is historically accurate, so I would trust them on this. I’m sure there is more reliable info out there, just keep searching!

[name]Do[/name] you want it to be pronounced kurr-stin or keer-sten? I would guess that people would be more likely to pronounce [name]Kirsten[/name]/[name]Kirstin[/name] with the Kurr sound (and also so [name]Kristen[/name] instead, even though [name]Kirsten[/name] is so much prettier!). [name]Kiersten[/name] i think would be less apt to have pronunciation problems. It is just the middle name though, so it wouldn’t be as much of as issue as if it were her first name.

By the way, whatever spelling you choose, I think it’s a really lovely name!