One of my co-workers is thinking of naming her son Kodak in honor of her late husband who was a well-established photographer…I didn’t really like the name at first, but it’s kind of growing on me…what do ya’ll think?

I think if there is actual meaning behind it, its really sweet.
If it’s just to be “different”…not so much.

Cute nn is [name]Kody[/name].

Sorry, but I think it’s awful. For one thing, it’s a brand name which just feels wrong, but also it reminds me of Kojak, so I imagine a tiny bald man-baby.

It is a lovely sentiment though. [name]How[/name] about some of the inventors notable in the history of the camera:
[name]JOHN[/name] Strognofe
[name]JOSEPH[/name] Niepce
[name]LOUIS[/name] Daguerre
[name]ALEXANDER[/name] [name]Wolcott[/name]
[name]GEORGE[/name] [name]Eastman[/name] (who founded Kodak)
[name]HANNIBAL[/name] Goodwin
[name]EDWIN[/name] [name]Land[/name]

Or some notable photographers:
[name]Ansel[/name] [name]Adams[/name]
[name]Edward[/name] [name]Weston[/name]
[name]Henri[/name] [name]Cartier[/name] Bresson
[name]Man[/name] [name]Ray[/name]
[name]Bill[/name] [name]Brandt[/name]
[name]Matthew[/name] [name]Brady[/name]
[name]Alfred[/name] Stieglitz
[name]Paul[/name] Strand
[name]Eugene[/name] Atget
[name]Walker[/name] [name]Evans[/name]
[name]Robert[/name] [name]Frank[/name]
[name]Irving[/name] [name]Penn[/name]

I don’t care for it. It’s nice that it has sentimental meaning for your friend but most people that the person named Kodak will encounter will not know about the meaning behind the name and all they will know is that it is a brand name. What about just using the name of the baby’s father in some way?

lemon fantastic research!

Kodak, poor kid. [name]Every[/name] time Kodak had a tantrum his mother would say he is having a Kodak moment, and it puts a whole new light on the phrase. lol


No I wouldn’t do it, be like calling my child Sony or Panasonic.


I agree, nice sentiment but wrong idea. There have to be some other photography-associated things that would make a better name. Or as a PP suggested, naming him after his father.

i think its beautiful that you wanna call your child Kodak, as i have called my son Sony, and theres nothing wrong with having a unique name. its better than havin them stupid common names that everyone seems to have. If you are happy with your dicision im right there supporting you on it. it’s perfect and different and has personal meaning as well.

Well that person dissing you about it sayin and i quote “thats just like calling him/her Sony or Panisonic” that is just stupid maybe they should look up the name and see that it it is an actual name from the French and Hindus thank you very much…

Hmmm. I’m not on board with this name either. My daughter did go to school with a boy named [name]Kodiak[/name] nn [name]Kodie[/name]. I always thought of the bear when I thought of his full name. [name]Kodie[/name] really fit him well.
What about [name]Dakota[/name]/[name]Dakoda[/name]? Not my personal favorite but it does use the same lettering as Kodak. I bet there has to be a better name to honor her late husbands profession.
I’ll see what I can find.

Kodak had a lovely sound and would make a fab name dispite the camera brand but a celeb accually called their child [name]Camera[/name] so Kodak can’t be bad.

I’m also not on board, although I love that your friend is looking for outside-of-the-box ways to honor her late husband.

I also agree that it would be much better to give a subtler nod to photography through famous photographers or inventors of the camera.
It sounds like she must not want to use her late husband’s name, but has she considered using a variation thereof? An international variation or a name with the same meaning could lead her to some more choices.

Otherwise, I think Kodak would make a great middle name!

Good luck to her!

It’s okay. I wouldn’t do it, but if she’s set on it and loves the name then she should go with it. The sentiment behind it is quite nice. I’d encourage her to consider some of the other famous photographer names, or a variation of her late husband’s name, before settling definitely on Kodak.
I would say that as years go by and we get farther and farther away from the film age of photography, there won’t be as strong of an association with Kodak being a brand name. Sad, in a way, but I think the coming generations will only know digital photography. [name]Kody[/name] or [name]Kodie[/name] is a cute nickname of Kodak, though it does bring bears to mind for me (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing).

So here’s another suggestion - [name]Cameron[/name], think [name]Camera[/name].

kodiak?? or some unknown camera brand?

I can’t say I’m on board with Kodak. What about just [name]Koda[/name]? Or how about [name]Canon[/name]? I don’t really love that either, but it’s a lot more name-like in my opinion than Kodak… What about naming the baby after his father? Or naming the baby whatever his favorite name was, or using his initials or something?