L@ine or Delaney?

Which girl name do you prefer - L@ine or Del@ney? Big sister names are Kenne3dy and Quinn. Would love thoughts!

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I prefer Laine. Much sleeker and more elegant. Delaney fells very dated to me personally.


Definitely prefer Laine.

I prefer Laine as well.

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Laine for sure!

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Definitely Laine!

Ooh, this is a tough call for me! Delaney doesn’t feel dated to me, possibly because I’ve never met anyone with the name. So I don’t associate it with a particular generation, and I think its sounds actually fit pretty well with a lot of very on-trend names. I think where I’m torn here is that Delaney feels more like K3nnedy to me whereas Laine seems more like Qu1nn. I love Lainey and wonder if it might split the difference? Otherwise, I think I very slightly prefer Delaney, but both are great options!

I prefer Laine! It’s a really sweet choice and it sounds beautiful next to Kennedy and Quinn.

Laine is so sweet and pretty!

another vote for Laine! it’s so pretty, and goes nicely with K & Q!

Definitely a big fan of Laine! You still get the cute nickname Lainey but I think it’s a bit prettier than Delaney.

I think with Kennedy & Quinn, I’d go with Laine.
Although, Delaney could be nn Laine?


I prefer Laine, but my favourite way to get the nn Lainey is Elena/Elaina.

I prefer Delaney personally.

Of the two, I prefer Laine!

Delaney!! I love the flow of it

Delaney is my definite choice. I’ve only ever met one. It’s definitely a cool girl name!

Loving all these great comments!

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I love the name Delaney (Laine could be a nickname if desired)!