L names


I have several months to figure it out, plus we aren’t finding out the sex, but I promised an Aunt who passed away that I would name my first girl after her. Her name was [name]Linda[/name], but it’s a bit outdated for me at this point. I thought if I used an /L/ name and had the same Hebrew name (of [name]Leah[/name] /laya/) that would suffice. BUT, I am stuck the few choices I like:

[name]Lily[/name] (so cute, but getting so popular, I have two aquaintences that just used it this year!!!)

[name]Lorelai[/name] (my favorite, but my husband thinks it doesn’t sound Jewish enough, and I thought if our kid has any speech issues, it would become “Wowewai” for a while)

[name]Laila[/name] (means night in Hebrew, so that’s nice)


Oh and my husband likes [name]Lilliana[/name], but I am not so sure.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I don’t like any of the [name]Lucy[/name], [name]Lucia[/name], [name]Lianna[/name], [name]Lena[/name], [name]Lindsey[/name], or [name]Lydia[/name] names, so it seems like there aren’t too many /L/ choices. Thanks!

My favorite from your list is [name]Laila[/name]!

Could you use [name]Linda[/name] as the middle name?
[name]Do[/name] you like [name]Leah[/name]?

Have you considered an extended linda name such as:

Or something that contains “[name]Lin[/name]”

[name]Leah[/name] Vari

Other L names to consider:

Names containing “[name]Lea[/name]” (From [name]Leah[/name])

Thanks, I actually just posted the name [name]Annaleah[/name] for someone else! [name]Lola[/name] is really cute, but my husband would never go for it cuz of the song!

I think [name]Leah[/name] is a very sweet name. Also, you might consider a shortening of [name]Lorelai[/name] to simply [name]Lorel[/name] so it’s not as Hawaiian-sounding and may have a more Hewbrew feel to it.