Ladies-only poll: how old were you when you decided to start TTC for your first?

See the results of this poll: How old were you when you decided to start TTC for your first child?

Respondents: 182 (This poll is closed)

  • Under 25 : 34 (19%)
  • 25-27 : 38 (21%)
  • 28-30 : 28 (15%)
  • 30-32 : 19 (10%)
  • 32-34 : 12 (7%)
  • 35-37 : 2 (1%)
  • 37-39 : 1 (1%)
  • 40+ : 1 (1%)
  • Haven’t started yet, under 30 : 44 (24%)
  • Haven’t started yet, over 30: 3 (2%)

Hubby and I are both 28 (married 4+ years, together 9), and haven’t started TTC yet. We live in a major US city with high cost of living, which is secondary only to my career progress when it comes to us not feeling “ready.”

Original plan was sometime between 27-30, current plan is “wait and see how we feel” with a plan to get more serious around 30.

We were in our early 30s. Married 2 years.

[name]Both[/name] 29 married 2 yrs.

I was 32, husband 29, married six months.

27 when I had my first, now 31 and TTC the 2nd

I voted for “haven’t started yet, under 30”
I was just thinking about this today. Psychologically, emotionally, and mentally, I’m ready to be a mother, but finances are the big barrier in my life (… and that I’m currently 3500 km away from the guy I want to have kids with). I can’t see myself TTC before 28, just based on ideal timing of milestones I’d like to hit prior to deciding to have a child. Obviously I could get pregnant before I turn 28, but it is almost guaranteed the pregnancy would not be planned.

I voted for the 25-27 bracket but now realise that I was actually 24 (oops bad Maths!) Hubby is now 28 he was 25 when we started. For me personally I feel I’m more ready now than when we first started but I’m sure if I had’ve feel pregnant straight away I would’ve said that was the perfect time too :slight_smile:

I was 25, Hubby was 26. We had been married 6 years. There would never be a time that we’d be financially “ready” so we did it when I finished my bachelors degree. I just finished my masters and we plan to start trying again in the fall. Once again, if it were based on finances we’d never try again. We’ve managed to adapt to this one and we’ll manage to adapt to the next. Then we’ll be done. I have a 32 age limit on my baby train.

I’m 38 and DH is 41; we’ve been together for 11 years and will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary in May. We wanted to buy a house before we started a family, which is why we started so “late”–although, I don’t think we’re THAT old, lol. (And we actually didn’t buy our home until I was about to pop with our first. I blame the market for that, though. Anyway, I was 34/turning 35 with Owen and 37 with Lola. I was very lucky to conceive both my babies easily. I have a number of friends who have or are currently struggling to conceive. I am actually looking into possibly being a surrogate for another couple we are close friends with.

I had just turned 22, DH was 24 and we had been married a year at that point, when I stopped taking the pill. It was about 8 months after that that we conceived our first. Right now, I’m going back and finally working on my career. Due to not really being 100% sure of what I wanted to do before I entered college, I just studied something I enjoyed without really being serious about what my career would be. Realized after I graduated that I didn’t really want to go into that field and decided to focus on family instead. It was more important to me even though I was still so young. Now, we are in a comfortable place and I’m pursuing nursing while still being able to stay home with 2 kids (toddler and preschooler). After I graduate and feel comfortable in a job, we’ll talk about having another. At that point, I’ll likely be 30 or older.

I think I’ve just always had my heart set on family after I met DH. I wanted to get in as much education as I could before we got married and had kids, so getting my bachelor’s degree was important, but I didn’t really think beyond that. Now that I have a family, I’m going back and am really able to focus on what I want to do outside of my family. For me, that was still help take care of others, thus nursing. I think that if I didn’t have kids first, I wouldn’t have realized that while I’m still so young. I guess it has all worked out well in the end (so far, at least!).

Thank you for leaving out the “what’s best” aspect!
Psychologically, I was ready at 28-29 range after never wanting kids before. I think my feelings changing had less to do with my age, or getting older, and more to do with the changes I saw in my fiancé (now husband). I could picture him as a father—really picture it. I felt safe.

I am 20 and husband 24, we are planning to buy a house either next year or the one after, so probably TTC on three years :slight_smile: although I would love a baby - we do need a house!

Ooops! I miss the last two options, right now I am under 30 and haven’t started ttc yet! But the plan is to conceive our first when I am 26 :slight_smile: We will have been together ten years by then!!! I hope we will for sure be ready then! I would like to have several kids, with a good size age gap, but not have anymore after age 35 to avoid heightened medical concerns!

Husband 26, myself 25. Married 3 1/2 years.

When I try for baby #2, most likely I’ll be in the 25-27 age range and married. Hopefully.

I’m 23 and my husband is 22. We plan on trying for our first baby in [name]October[/name], shortly before our first anniversary.

I was 25. I have some health issues (skeletal) that pregnancy complicates, and that would likely get worse with age. I also wanted to be a younger parent. I think the most lucrative and rewarding parts of many peoples careers are when they’re in their 40s-50s. I wanted to stay home with my kids when they’re little, so for me 25 was a good age.

I pretty much just waited until I finished my degree, had health insurance, and was financially stable. I’m in graduate school now, and hope to go back to work once my youngest (I’m about 3 months along with my second, and we’re only having two) starts pre-school.

I voted “[name]Haven[/name]'t started yet, under 30”

I’m 21, turning 22 next month! and my husband is 25. We don’t plan on having kids for awhile, probably not till I’m in my late twenties or early 30’s. We plan to adopt though, so not sure if my vote counts…

We are both 29 and the baby is due on our 5th wedding anniversary. That will be about a month before we both turn 30. We have been together for 11 years and we wanted to be settled in our jobs and own a home before we added a little one into the mix.